Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review

Hair type: Smooth, straight hair with dry ends
Scalp: Oily

Hello, my beautiful friends!

I have always loved oil-in-cream kind of products and I find such products are perfect to get an instant result and always work on my hair. So, I recently purchased a newly launched product called Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement. Let’s get into its review.

Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review

Price: Rs. 85 for 80ml
Product Description:
Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review Product Description

Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review Ingredients

My Experience with Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement:

Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review Front

Pantene Oil Replacement comes in a pretty long golden tube with a flip cap. It is available in two sizes and this 80ml bottle is perfect to carry around easily. It’s a normal tube and I like the get-up. It is an oil replacement cream so it has a smooth thick creamy consistency which glides well on hair. Cream looks white in color and it gets absorbed quickly without making hair oily or sticky. They describe to use it after shampoo and conditioner. So for that, a small amount is enough for my long hair. I prefer to use it on my damp hair, especially from the mid-length to ends and gently massage it on hair and as a leave-in cream. For this, you don’t need to wash it off. But I have used it before shampoo too and then I prefer to use an extra amount as a treatment cream. For that, I massage this cream from top to end of my hair and keep it for 30 minutes and then rinse it off with normal shampoo followed by a conditioner. In both the ways, it works so well and provides that desired result to my hair.

Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review Tube

It feels light on the hair and never weighs it down. It has a strong but pleasant smell of floral or fruity, which never irritated sensitive nose. But few might not like such strong fragrance. This smell lasts quite a long on hair too which keeps hair fresh throughout the day.

Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review Open Cap

Now, this cream contains oil and it provides that deep nourishment to hair and leaves hair soft, silky and smooth. It actually gives an instant softness to hair without making it oily. This is good for damaged hair too. It repairs that dry rough texture of hair and gives a nice shiny finish to it. But it only works when you apply it on damp hair.

My hair is not super dry or damaged but it looks frizzy after a couple of hours, so a cream like this helps to keep hair manageable for long and detangles my hair as well. It keeps my hair bouncy and voluminous. My hair moves naturally and I can style it perfectly. The softness stays long as well and it keeps hair frizz-free for a good time. Maybe by the end of the day, it looks slightly frizzy but that is pretty common when you are living in a polluted city, but it never makes hair dry again.

Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review Product

I never notice any hair fall due to this but it can’t control hair fall either. I don’t think it is a treatment for hair fall. Definitely, regular uses repair my hair quite a bit and also give a nice texture to it but this result is not permanent long-term effect. I have to continue using it. If you have extremely damaged hair, then it can’t help to get damage-free hair but can provide that lost hydration.

Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review Swatch

Overall, I like this product which works beautifully on my normal hair. Few people love serum and my kind of a person loves hair cream a lot. It suits almost all hair types and is a super affordable product too. Only, it contains alcohol and paraben which are definitely not good. As it contains so many chemicals, it can’t be a replacement for natural oils. It is good as a leave-in cream only which gives some instant result to hair and protects hair from damage.

Pros of Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement:

• Eye-catching, study travel-friendly packaging
• Affordable
• Beautiful pleasant long-lasting smell
• Creamy texture blends and gets absorbed quickly
• Non-oily, non-sticky and feels light on hair
• Leaves hair soft, smooth and silky
• Softness stays long on hair
• Keeps hair tangle-free and manageable
• Doesn’t weigh down my hair
• Keeps hair naturally bouncy and frizz-free

Cons of Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement:

• Contains alcohol and paraben, so not a perfect replacement for natural oil
• Not so effective on hair fall
• No permanent long-term result
• Can’t fully repair that extremely damaged hair

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement?
Yes to both.

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