Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water-Review

Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water-Review

Non-sticky and transforms into clear liquid upon contact with hands, releasing the water content within the formula to provide an ultra-light finish that helps hair maintain the perfect moisture level even when you are up and about.

This post goes out to everyone of us who uses some kind of serum or the like before they comb hair, everyone with dry hair, everyone who tries to tame frizz. We are having cyclonic rains here in Chennai and the time is ow ripe that I tested this product now to see how good it tames that stubborn frizz!
pantene all day smooth miracle water

Rs. 159/100ml

I picked this up last month from Food Bazaar and I though this will be a change from my Garnier serum I have been happily using.I thought I must pick it up to review!
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What clicked about this product is that it is unlike a serum, it is more like a gel consistency and has a watery liquid mixed with a gel consistency. Hence I am not looking at weighed down greasy hair in a day. This is more like a moisturizer for my hair rather than a serum.

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The packing is nice in pump dispenser, so much easy to carry than my Livon/Garnier serum. I use this after shampoo on 80% dry hair and also sometimes on dry hair. I use some two pumps on medium shoulder length. I have dry, wavy thicker hair which have worsened in Chennai water and humidity. I use it on the length of hair and never on the roots.

This product feels very light,not greasy and does not weigh down hair. It makes combing a little easy, it tames frizz 50% better even in rains.It gives a mild shine to my hair unlike oil and still hair don’t look treated or heavy or greasy.My hair look healthier in a more natural way and even styling is helped to some extent. What I like most about this product is that it does not feel oily at all. Its more like a moisturizer.

On the down side, in two days my hair are a little greasy and would like a washing. That is fine by me as I use this just before I go out.If you have better hair, you may find it better and may need a lesser quantity.

Last word:

Overall, this product feels so light like a hair moisturizer. I recommend this to normal hair , not to very thick or rough hair. In case, you don’t like serums, you will like this!It is more like a light touch-up kind of moisturizer for your hair.If you like thicker serums, this is not for you.This will work great on mild flyaway hair.

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6 thoughts on “Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water-Review

  1. I so want to try this…..but I am scared it might give me headaches, but as you mentioned that its very light, I do want to give it a try 🙂 thanks for the review Neha 🙂

  2. i tried this. I have normal, soft, almost straight to slightly wavy hair is on the thicker side. I have slightly dry ends and this did absolutely nothing to cure them. My l’oreal serum does a WAy better job. 🙁

  3. I hav tried this n it makes my dry n thin hair so smooth……without makin it oily or nethng… just vanishes into d hair i get super soft n smooth hair………

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