Parachute Therapie Hair Fall Solution Review

Hello ladies :joker: Today, I am going to review the Parachute therapie hair fall solution for all of you.  All of us must have suffered from hair fall sometime or the other. Blame the pollution, stress, weather, food, nowadays, it’s pretty common to have this problem of hair fall.  I had this with me for a really long time, but used it only recently hoping it’ll help my falling tresses. :pigtail: Parachute therapie hair fall solution Over to the review, Price:  190.00 for 150 ml (it’s been more than 1-and-1/2 year, so current price may vary). Expiry:  Not mentioned on the bottle and I don’t have the cover with me now ?:) What it Claims: Parachute Therapie hair fall solution is a breakthrough scientific product from Marico.  It contains natural “root Activising alpha proteins”, a unique blend of proteins, vitamins, herbs and minerals that control hair fall. Second Results from 295 user trials: * 77% users reported a reduction of hair fall in 45 days with the use of one bottle. *27% users also reported softer hair. Directions for Use: • The recommended quantity per application is 4-6ml for men & 8-10ml for women. • For optimum usage, pour the quantity into your palms. • Gently massage into the entire scalp for a few minutes. Leave it on for at least 8 hours. Preferably apply at night. • After hair fall is under control, continue using Parachute Therapie at least once a week to prevent recurrence. • If required, wash it off the next day with a mild shampoo. • For best results, use daily. • Use at least 3 times a week. Ingredients: Apart from the natural “root Activising Alpha proteins”, a unique blend of proteins, vitamins, herbs and minerals, there is no mention of any active ingredients. My Experience: It has a horrible medicinal smell :yuck: which gets stuck to your hair till you wash it out. I wonder how they expect it to apply daily. If I keep on using this daily, then I doubt I’ll have any hair left on my scalp with all the shampooing done every day. :nonono:  This is the reason I used it 2 to 3 times a week. Third It is like any other light hair oil, light brown in colour, but with time you’ll notice small dust-like particles (you can see in the bowl too) settling down in the bottle :stars: (which is very natural according to Marico people, as I distinctly remember it being mentioned in the cover :heh: ). So, after 4 weeks, it did reduce the amount of hair fall, but it was not that great. When you put up with the bad smell and regular oiling for a whole month, you expect more, right? Basically, it suggests you to oil your hair every day, wash it every day, and bear the awful smell to stop the hair fall :waiting: how innovative !!:stars: and after using the whole bottle, I am now officially qualified to give a verdict on this (only the amount in the bowl was left which I used up today :haanji: :tongue: ). Pros: 1. I noticed some improvement in my hair fall, but it’s very minor. 2. My hair feels softer now, but then with 3 times oiling a week with any oil, will have the same effect. Rest, I don’t think there is anything special about this product. Cons: 1. No ingredients list. 2. Horrible smell. :ghost2: 3. Expensive for a hair oil. So that’s it, cannot think of anything else to write about. My Rating:  2.5 out of 5. The Final Verdict: Well for me, it’s wastage of money. A big NO. If I could oil my hair every day, then what is the need of any such product, our very own coconut oil will do it very effectively.

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45 thoughts on “Parachute Therapie Hair Fall Solution Review

  1. lol…..I wish this cud work. The pollution and strong chlorinated water is affecting my hair very badly. None of the products seem to work for hair fall. I have stopped worrying only now….otherwise wud see baldy patches on my head 😐 😛

    1. thts so true jinal. but i still oil my hair regularly (not wid this ofcourse :stars: ) hoping it wud help!! like they say…”ummeed se duniya kayam hai” types :tongue:

        1. its a herbal oil called hair vit ……got this from a parlour. and its working fine. in fact better than this. :haanji: hopefully u’ll get this in any chemist shop..thts wht she said to me. :methinks:

    2. Hi Jinal..I too am facing hairfall problem and honestly no hair oil works for me except Cantharidine Hair Oil which I have been using since I was 1 year old..thats what my mom says 🙂 Trust me with regular usage it makes your hair healthy and thick! But since few weeks I am not able to find this oil anywhere..hoping they have not stopped manufacturing it 🙁
      Also for hairfall try using Mintop hair solution, this was suggested by my derma and it really helps! The solution is like water and we need to apply only 2 ml per day on scalp everyday. Within a week you will see the results and it does reduces hairfall. Hope this helps 🙂

      1. hey parita…thanx for the tips. 🙂 next on my list :yahoo: u know even i hv tried cantharidine oil during my college days,bt some how i don’t like the stopped using that one.but it sure is good for the hair. :waytogo:

        1. For me i loved the smell and probably got used to it since thats the only oil i have used since childhood :toothygrin: I really need to find it again soon! :smug:

  2. Ohh I needed this review!!! :thanks: :thanks: – pollution and lack of time to pamper the hair grows lot of thought would pick this up..but :starving: :starving: 😕 😕

  3. Sad it didnt work for you..try using Mintop hair solution for grt for me :waytogo:
    :thanks: for the review will stay away from this one

  4. I have used this 2 times, when it was first launched in 2007 i think, No such hair fall remedy but used to make my hair very smooth, and fragrance a bit different but i like tht!

  5. I used this products for a long time for how frizz free and soft it made my hair. Hardly any improvement with hair fall though and I kinda liked how it smelled ?:)

  6. i agree about the frizz free part lp,but i think regular oiling with any oil wud give the same result. but again its my personal feeling.glad u liked the smell. for me it was like a horrible medicine i had to take.m happy to have finished just this bottle :stars: :stars: :stars:

  7. I too have this one and i’ve been using it for an year.. And upto me it worked good when i used it thrice a week.. O:) But once i discontinue the usage, hairfall increases.. 🙁 :(( And about the smell, its a usual smell when concerned to herbal hair oils.. (I felt it good.. 😀 ) but the worst part is, the smell stays back in ur hair forever how many times u shampoo ur hair!!!! :headbang:

  8. Hey girls.. u can try Arnica Triofer Hair Vitalizer by Allens Laboratories (Bengal). U can get it at any homoeopathic pharmacy. It cums around 100 bugs with a pack of tablets. Though I vl nt recommend to have those tablets, bt with using it twice a week u can see difference in hair fall. Moresoever, local application of Arnica increases hair growth. I have personally used it on myself, my mom as well as on patients too.
    They have their oil also, bt ds is a non-sticky version, so i feel better with ds…

  9. ya…. even i have been using it for a month or so.. but still i havent noticed much difference in was just a wastage of money..for me.

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