Paris Hilton Women Eau De Parfum Spray Review

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I usually do not pick any celebrity endorsed perfumes unless it is associated with a fashion house (that is because they have such gorgeous packaging!!). So how did Paris Hilton Women Eau De Parfum Spray land on my lap? Have you guys heard about the white elephant game? If not, here is a quick reference. So last Christmas, I unwrapped this gift and brought it with me home. As I am not a big enthusiast of the featured celebrity either, I kept the perfume stashed inside my closet. With the stock of my other perfumes and body mists dwindling, it was finally time to show the daylights to this perfume.



The perfume comes in candy pink colored transparent bottle with a spray nozzle. The bottle is embossed with wavy black lines to give it a fashionable look. The bottle itself comes packaged in a similar candy pink hued box, which is additionally boxed with the celebrity’s image. It is a travel friendly bottle, which can be easily carried in a bag.

Price: 3.4 oz. (100 ml) bottle is $55.



My Experience with Paris Hilton Women Eau De Parfum:

The perfume initially smells very floral as it contains notes of jasmine, freesia, lily and tuberose. Though I cannot individually identify each of these flower fragrances, it is very easy to put it under floral category. The fragrance is fresh and decently pleasant. The perfume is suitable to wear as summer and spring fragrance as the floral notes create a very upbeat vibe.


After an hour the fragrance gradually mellows down and the floral notes transform to deeper notes. The fragrance smells more of sandalwood intermixed with musk notes. The deeper notes are pleasant as well and not overbearing. The fragrance of the perfume can be described more suitable for casual settings as I am not comfortable wearing it to office.


The perfume is mentioned as an EDP with higher percentage of the fragrance oils compared to body mist. However I did not find the perfume lasting me the whole day. After 4 -5 hours I could hardly smell any floral or musky notes at all. The only way to have the fragrance back again is re-application.


I did not find the perfume to be exceptional. For me, it fared at par with some of the body mists that I have used earlier. It is a sweet smelling perfume suitable for daytime use. However I could not relate much with this perfume, as I did not find it to be as intriguing or mysterious as the product claimed 

Pros of Paris Hilton Women Eau De Parfum:

• The perfume has distinct fresh and sweet smelling floral notes.
• The fragrance mellows down to sandalwood and musky aroma.
• Suitable for summers and springs.
• The packaging is interesting as it comes in candy pink bottle with embossed black wavy lines.
• This fragrance is more suitable for daytime wear.
• The perfume is apt for wearing in casual environment.

Cons of Paris Hilton Women Eau De Parfum:

• The fragrance fades away in 4 – 5 hours requiring re-application.
• Did not find it as intriguing or mysterious as the product claimed.
• For the price of the perfume, it performed more at par with body mist.

IMBB Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Would I Buy This Paris Hilton Women Eau De Parfum Again?

Well, this perfume just re-iterated my belief of not buying celebrity perfumes. However one of my office colleagues always asks me which perfume I am wearing. Since “One man’s food is another man’s poison”….I guess you must have got a gist of what I am going to do 😉

It is time to play white elephant again!
That makes me wonder …Is this why this perfume even appeared in the game…hmmmm !!!!

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