Park Avenue Sliver Face Wash Review

Park Avenue Sliver Face Wash Review

Hello Ladies,

Today, I am reviewing a product which is meant for guys. You must have seen the recent ads which say “recycle your face,” these are the ads for Park Avenue Sliver Face Wash.  I am going to review the Park Avenue Sliver Face Wash for normal skin with orange peel extract. My husband is one of those guys who can live with just one soap bar and a shampoo bottle. I have to push him always to look after his skin. Lately, his skin was not behaving well and then I took the charge. I bought a few skin care stuff for him from the “men’s” range of different brands, and that’s when I got this face wash for him.

Park Avenue Sliver Face Wash Review


Rs. 50 for 30 ml.

Product Description:

Enriched with goodness of orange peel extracts- Full of vitamin- C, a rich Antioxidant which detoxifies your skin. This mild face wash with the gentle action of exfoliating beads removes the everyday dirt and grime giving you a Revitalized and Refreshed looking skin.

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Men's Face Wash 1

My Husband’s Experience with Park Avenue Sliver Face Wash:

My husband has normal to dry skin. So, in his words, this face wash cleans his face thoroughly and the beads in the face wash do a bit of scrubbing on his skin.  He also liked the orange smell of this face wash which is very refreshing.  But you know, I can’t leave you with the second hand response I got from dear husband, so I decide to use this face wash myself 😛

Men's Face Wash 2

As I said before, it has a strong smell of orange, which is good. The face wash is orange in color with some white crystal beads inside it. When I used it on my face, I was able to feel the beads.  It does the scrubbing part, but actually not gently as most of the other face washes do. It was a bit harsh for my skin, but husband likes it that way (because male skin is rougher than female skin).  It lathered very well with a small amount. When I washed my face, it was clean. No film or cast was left on my face. I have oily skin unlike my husband’s normal to dry skin and it did not dry out my skin or made it stretchy, same was experienced by my husband too.

It comes in the usual plastic tube packaging as many other face washes with a screw cap.  Flip cap would have been better I feel, but this is okay.

My husband liked the face wash and for winters he wants to buy the dry skin variant from the same range.

Men's Face Wash

Pros of Park Avenue Sliver Face Wash:

  • Refreshing orange smell.
  • Thoroughly cleans the skin without leaving any film on skin and without making the skin dry.
  • Beads present in the face wash actually scrubs the skin, works well for male skin.
  • Lathers well.
  • Easily available.

Cons of Park Avenue Sliver Face Wash:

  • None.

Final Verdict on Park Avenue Sliver Face Wash:

It is present in different variants for different skin types.  This is a good face wash to give to your guy. Smells refreshing and not flowery like female face washes, which is a big plus point for guys (in husband’s own words) 😛

IMBB Rating:


Will My Husband Repurchase Park Avenue Sliver Face Wash?

Yes! (he wants the dry skin variant next).

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  1. Thank you very much dear sweta, i wanted to buy him a face wash and was wonder what would be nice! and then here come syour review 🙂 you are a saver 😀 thanks :0 I’ll surely chk these for him 🙂 hope he liks it!!!

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