Park Avenue Storm Deodorant Review

Park Avenue Storm Deodorant

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Today I will be reviewing a deodorant for men on my brother’s insistence. He is kind of falling in love with this deodorant lately. Anyhow, today I will be reviewing Storm from Park Avenue’s range. Read on to know more about this product.

Park Avenue Storm Deodorant

Product info:

For the man of unpredictable disposition, one who loathes routine and likes to shake things up a bit, Park Avenue presents Storm Deo Spray, a fragrance that brings out the turbulence in him and accentuates it into a whirlwind of redolence.


INR 180 for 150ml

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It has charismatic fragrance. I wear a different deo each day..but each time I got it, I’m asked… “Very nice, what it is?” like storm very cool and niceIts one of the best deo, I’ve ever use…  Only one problem, when we use it for the first time after purchasing, it smells for more that 5-6 hours. After that, it comes to 2-3 hours.


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My brother’s experience with Park Avenue Storm Deodorant :

The deodorant spray comes bottled in a purple and blue can with silver and metal accents According to my brother, it has a charismatic fragrance, very strong and fresh. One spray is enough to wake you up in the morning. The deodorant spray lives up to its name with its stormy composition that is a fine blend of elements that have been chosen with utmost precision. It has got the woody and spicy notes to give you that perfect musky fragrance. It is perfect for daily wear and office-going men.

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The only con is its staying power. The first spray will last for 5-6 hours but gradually the staying power decreases with each spray and ultimately coming down to 2-3 hours of staying power. But Overall Park Avenue Storm Deo Spray is the answer to your search for that deodorant with the perfect balance of woody and spice.

Pros of Park Avenue Storm Deodorant:

• Nice blend of woody and spicy notes.
• Fresh fragrance.
• Easily available.
• Very affordable.
• Leaves behind nice musky smell.
• Perfect for daily wear.


Park Avenue Storm Deodorant (4)

Cons of Park Avenue Storm Deodorant:

• Staying power is not good.
• Not an unisex deodorant.

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