Patanjali Aloe Vera – Mint Face Wash

I have been hearing so many good reviews of products by Patanjali Ayurveda that I had to try some for myself. The product that I would be reviewing today is “Patanjali Aloe Vera – Mint Face Wash”.
Product Description:

A soap free formulation containing natural ingredients like mint, aloe vera. Removes dirt, excess oil and makes skin fresh, smooth and beautiful.



INR 45 for 60 grams


Prevents pimples and improves skin glow.

Shelf life:

18 months

My experience with Patanjali Aloe Vera – Mint Face Wash:

I generally prefer lemony /citrusy cleansers or fruit based ones. However, Aloe Vera-Mint sounded interesting, and the other face washes by Patanjali have received rave reviews. As we know, aloe vera has many beauty benefits. It is often used for treatment of acne / blemishes, in anti-ageing products, as an effective moisturiser and has a plethora of other uses. Mint, on the other hand is useful for oily skin, reducing pimples, clearing pigmentation and giving a glow to the skin. After I read about these beauty benefits, I got extremely excited about using this product! Plus, it has so many natural ingredients, and no SLS / SLES!! Let’s see how this worked for me.

Let me talk about the packaging first. The packaging is average. Nothing great or awe-inducing! I really won’t expect much from a face wash that costs just Rs. 45! It comes in a green and white colored, flip open tube that is sturdy. The cap snaps really tight (I would say, it feels too tight at times). While on the go, this would be perfect, as there is absolutely no chance of any product leaking out and causing a mess in the bag. The ingredients, description of the product, shelf life and other details are mentioned on the tube.

The face wash is a clear / transparent gel. It isn’t too runny, lathers well and smells awesome! I like face washes that have a mild fragrance, but I feel the smell should linger on for at least a while after cleansing my face. This face wash has a mild soothing fragrance. It smells neither like aloe vera, nor mint. But the smell feels natural and not synthetic / artificial and it does linger on for some time. I use this immediately after getting up in the morning, and it makes me feel fresh in a subtle, relaxing way; not in a way a zesty lemony face wash would! Skin feels refreshed, soft, supple and smooth to touch. Itcleanses away oil and grime, without making skin over dry and stretchy. The product claims to improve the glow of the skin. Skin does feel a bit radiant, but this lasts for only the first few minutes. So, I wouldn’t exactly say that it improves the glow of the skin.

My skin gets a bit sticky / oily near the t-zone during summer, and quite dry and stretchy during winter. Otherwise, I have a pretty normal skin. I generally do not get pimples or acne and do not have any scars on the face; however during PMS I get an occasional zit or two. I started using this product when I had 2-3 zits on my face and thought it would be a great time to actually put this face wash to test. It did nothing for my pimples! Neither did it reduce the redness, nor the size. The pimples took their own sweet time to clear up! I thought prolonged usage might actually work for the skin and prevent pimples from reappearing. Even that did not happen. This product did not stand true to its claim of preventing pimples at least. Also, it cleanses oil and stickiness, but does not control it even with regular use. Skin feels smooth and oil-free for some time, but after an hour or so, I can feel a hint of stickiness on my t-zone.

Pros of Patanjali Aloe Vera – Mint Face Wash:

• Affordable
• Makes skin smooth and soft
• Does not over dry skin
• Mild, soothing and refreshing fragrance
• Lathers well
• Travel friendly
• Ayurvedic natural ingredients (And no SLS / SLES)


Cons of Patanjali Aloe Vera – Mint Face Wash:

• Does not stand true to its claim of reducing pimples
• Makes skin a bit radiant (but this lasts for just a few minutes)
• Does not control the secretion / appearance of oil on the face
• Contains parabens


IMBB Rating:



This is a decent product for this price. However, I won’t buy this again as it does not do anything great for my skin, other than making it soft and supple. I did not feel that it stood true to all its claims. I like the Orange-Aloe Vera face wash more, as I can actually see how well it works for my skin.

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12 thoughts on “Patanjali Aloe Vera – Mint Face Wash

  1. Have tried Himalaya neem face wash and medimix in the past. While himalya neem was fair enough, found medimix a little soapy. Somehow have never found a favor with herbal cleansers. Nice review. May be I give it a try.

    1. thank you!!! himalaya worked well for me too… n totally disliked medimix… did not do anything for my skin…. do try it out.. it is really decent for this price…

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