Patanjali Beauty Cream Review

I hope you all are doing awesome. I have been in search for a perfect day cream since the last one turned out to be a dud for me and broke me out. I got one from Patanjali, to be on the safer side owing to the herbal compositions. Let us see how this one fared for me.

Patnajali Beauty Cream Review


INR 70 for 50 g.


Patnajali Beauty Cream Review

My Experience with Patanjali Beauty Cream:

The product comes in a white tube, with an outer case. When I opened the cap the product had already leaked, which was a mess. The cream is beige in color with a pleasant fragrance to it. It has a good array of ingredients and claims to restore the glow of your skin.

Patnajali Beauty Cream Review

The texture of the cream is slightly on the thicker side. It needs some rubbing and massaging before it gets absorbed completely. This cream feels slightly sticky and heavy for my liking, and it made me sweat. It moisturized my skin like anything! Made it soft and supple, and with regular use I believe it may make it problem free as well.

Patnajali Beauty Cream Review

But, I do not like to use it when I am about to go out in the sun because it makes my skin look slightly oily, which I do not have any major issues with. It makes the dry feeling on the skin vanish and the effect lasts all day long; at least until I cleanse my face.

Patnajali Beauty Cream Review

I love what it does to my skin and the after effects are also very good. The best part is it did not break me out, like my previous day cream had.

I wish it came with some SPF as it would have been beneficial for the coming hot sun and also sans the greasy part. But, what more can I ask from a wonderful herbal product at this price! 😀 I never stop being greedy. 😛 Well, this is a good treat for dry skinned beauties. This is definitely worth a try.


Patnajali Beauty Cream Review

Patnajali Beauty Cream Review

Pros of Patanjali Beauty Cream:

• Has a good array of herbal ingredients.
• Very decently priced.
• Gets absorbed on massaging.
• Gives a soothing feeling.
• Provides moisture to the skin.
• Makes skin soft and supple.
• Mild fragrance.
• Did not break me out!

Cons of Patanjali Beauty Cream:

• Texture is greasy.
• Made my skin sweat and look slightly oily.

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Would I Recommend/Repurchase Patanjali Beauty Cream?

Overall, it is a good cream to be used during the day as well as night. Hats off to Baba Ramdev for introducing us to ‘Made in Bharat’ products that are so well priced and perform excellently. What more could I have asked for!? 😀 Do give this a try.

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3 thoughts on “Patanjali Beauty Cream Review

  1. This cream seemed to be good but I am unable to figure what makes my eyes get a stinging feeling as soon as I apply this cream. I don’t even apply it near my eyes.. Coming in contact with this cream, my eyes start stinging. I am amazed to this!!! Has anybody else experienced this??

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