Patanjali Body Lotion Review

Patanjali Body Lotion

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Today I am reviewing a body lotion, after all winter is here and we need to stay prepared to save our skin from the chilly weather. Patanjali products work fine for me so I keep trying their range from time to time. This time I picked up a body lotion from the same range as the concept of an ayurvedic body lotion was quite tempting for me. I wanted a bigger bottle so that I do not run out of body lotion in a month itself but then that was not available so I picked up this size which I keep especially in my bag. Keep reading to find out more whether it works or not.

Patanjali Body Lotion


Rejuvenates skin and increases skin glow.

Price: 60 INR for 100 ml

Best before 2 years of packaging.

My experience with Patanjali Body lotion:

Patanjali makes affordable and effective products which are easily available too however I found that their body lotion is a little costly compared to other lotions available in the market but then I am ready to spend extra bucks for a good body lotion. Even the ingredient list is quite impressive afterall it consists the goodness of aloevera, wheat oil, turmeric, saffron etc. whose amazing benefits are well known to all of us .Being a lazy creature I start late and always end up getting ready in a hurry, so its obvious that either I skip applying lotion on my hands, legs etc. etc so a lotion in this size is a life savior for me. It saves me from embarrassment by covering up dry skin whenever I need to.

Patanjali Body Lotion4

This body lotion has a thin consistency which is not runny at all. Its very easy to apply without having to rub it vigorously onto the skin. A very little amount is required to keep the skin soft and nourished and it smells very pleasant. The smell is a mix of some natural ingredients and is not overpowering as such. Twice a day application is preferable but even when I do it once I do not face any dryness related issues with my normal to dry skin. Also it gets absorbed into the skin easily without making it greasy. I doubt whether it would make me equally happy in winters as the lotion is not that thick.

Patanjali Body Lotion3

It has every quality which any good body lotion should have plus it has been formulated without parabens and other harmful chemicals. Coming to its claims, it does not rejuvenate the skin as such but definitely keeps it healthy in the long run. All I can say is that I wish they had formulated it with some sun protection so that lazy creatures like me would not have to layer their skin with a sunscreen after this. Plus this is only a normal body lotion which would not provide enough moisture in winters and to people who have extra dry skin in normal weather. If you belong to this category then this is not for you while others who are ayurvedic and natural product lovers can definitely give this a try.

Pros of Patanjali Body Lotion

• Makes skin soft and presentable
• Controls dryness
• Does not make the skin look greasy
• Smells pleasant
• Made with natural products
• Free of parabens
• Easily available
• Affordable

Patanjali Body Lotion (2)

Patanjali Body Lotion (2)

Cons of Patanjali Body Lotion

• No spf content
• Comparatively costly
• May not help extra dry skin
• Not a winter body lotion.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Overall verdict
Undoubtedly this is a good body lotion but it cannot be a winter skin care army. I think I picked up a wrong one for winters so would not be repurchasing for now but would recommend this to everyone who is looking for a light body lotion. I will come back to this in summers for sure. Hope you find this review useful.

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11 thoughts on “Patanjali Body Lotion Review

  1. this is my HG body lotion as i have oily skin. it gives a nice glow to my hands and legs and keeps my skin hydrated for the entire day. a must-have for me

  2. I have seriously dry skin too. I picked this up for the summers when my dad swore by it. I like the I instantly loved it as it’s free of parabens!

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