Patanjali Lemon Honey Face Wash Review

Patanjali Lemon Honey Face Wash

By Shalini Singh

Hi friends,

I am back with a new product this time.. And this one too comes from Patanjali 🙂 well I am new to this brand but I like the fact that it’s light on pocket plus chemical free which makes me try their products without a second thought. This time it’s called Lemon-Honey face wash which I bought to save my skin from the after-sun effect and it’s something which all we ladies need in summers.


I have  combination Skin which can really loose its moisture if too much sunscreen is used to save myself from sun. The package says it’s a face wash for normal to oily skin.

Patanjali Says: A soap free herbal formulation that gently cleanses dirt, oil and prevents pimples also. Neem and Tulsi kills germs , Lemon controls the excess sebum secretion while honey and aloe Vera moisturize and rejuvenates the skin tissues, to make complexion fresh smooth and beautiful.


Composition: Pure Honey, Aloe Vera, Lemon peel, Neem and Tulsi (now that’s an impressive ingredient list)

Usage: Apply on wet face, gently massage for 1 minute and rinse with fresh water.

Net Wt: 60gm

Price: Rs.45

Shelf Life: 18 months

My experience: Firstly as we all know lemon helps in reducing tan and honey is great for exfoliation and bringing radiance and shine to our skin:) and it has both. well I started with this face wash 2 weeks ago and got it from a Patanjali store outside the big temple near to my place. They had this thing showcased beautifully and that’s what caught my eye. Now that Patanjali has a wide range of face washes it was little confusing for me and I thought I will buy saundarya face wash from their range but the lady at the counter convinced me to try this one as I was looking for something that will help me in fighting sun 🙂


It has a great smell exactly like lemon peel or say what we get in many deos with lime 🙂 it’s mild and won’t give you a headache for sure 😉 but your senses will experience a sudden rush of freshness… 🙂 🙂 🙂 It comes in a flip open tube which is very travel friendly and the entire look of the print is quite decent for the price it’s been offered at.

Now coming to the application part—- You won’t require a very large amount just a little will do as it gives good lather formation and once you rinse it with water you might feel you skin little dried up and stretchy( I did ) and I was suddenly disappointed 🙁  I don’t like products which dry out my skin’s moisture . But within 5 minutes my skin was back to its normal soft and with no trace of oil though it doesn’t restrain oil from coming up again after an hour or so. I think it’s something that people with dry skin might not like! I also like the fact that this face wash doesn’t claim to make you fair but to give that extra smoothness and shine to your complexion which I don’t mind any day.


Pros of Patanjali Lemon Honey Face Wash

  • Natural and Ayurvedic
  • Great ingredient list
  • No animal testing (means the most to me)
  • Cheap
  • Really prevents pimples
  • Small quantity required
  • Smells great but not over powering 🙂
  • Travel friendly
  • Hygienic tube packaging

Cons of Patanjali Lemon Honey Face Wash

  •  Not suitable for dry skin (though it doesn’t even claim to)
  • Might not be very easily available everywhere

Conclusion on Patanjali Lemon Honey Face Wash: It’s good for summers…for people with oily and normal skin ( though dry skin people can give it a try once but just in summers ) It doesn’t break out your skin at all infact gives you an oily free skin for around an hour though I prefer using it before going out and right after I get back home 🙂 I don’t suffer from pimples except one or two but since I am using this I have to admit I have a clear skin without any pimples or breakouts 🙂 so that’s what makes me want to pick it up again.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Will I buy Patanjali Lemon Honey Face Wash again?

Yes I will as it worked exactly what it claims to 🙂 nothing less or more .

Thanking you ladies for reading my review,stay blessed n beautiful always 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Patanjali Lemon Honey Face Wash Review

  1. It’s time I should visit the nearby Patanjali store to check out these chemical free products 🙂 nice review 🙂

  2. Well you are totally wrong about the NO ANIMAL TESTING part – I am sure their products might have done wonders to you but kindly check their own site – It clearly says that They do perform”Toxilogical Sudy – Animal Trial”.Many companies directly dont wanna mention that they test on animals & they twist their words & sentences so that its not easily understood. Do check and read for yourself 7 you may google the meaning of “Toxilogical Sudy – Animal Trial”. (just letting you know as u mentioned no animal testing means a lot to you)

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