Payot My Payot Jour Gelee Review

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Skin type: combination, acne-prone

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to review a product from one of the historical French skincare and makeup brands – Payot. A bit about the brand first, because it is a new brand on IMBB. Payot was developed by Dr Nadia Payot in the 20th century. She was one of the first women doctors and she pioneered the art of skincare. She used her scientific, medical and herbal expertise in skincare products. She was a very inspiring woman indeed, ahead of her time. The ‘My Payot Jour Gelee’ is a super-fruit lightweight gel developed especially for combination skin. I saw this brand in Douglas and it was specifically targeted for combination skin, so I just bought it through the excellent ‘IMBB Sponsorship Scheme’. Read on to know how it fared out for me.

Payot My Payot Jour Gelee Review

Price: €36.5 for 50 mL
Product Description:
My Payot Jour Gelée, the radiance care specifically designed for normal to combination skin.
Because combination skin has a duller complexion, a thicker texture and some shiny areas, it needs very specific care.

Its specially adapted, radiance-boosting formula is a genuine antioxidant energy concentrate that refines the skin texture and protects the skin from daily aggression.

Its delicious ultra-light gel texture inspired by marmalade leaves skin with an instant feeling of freshness. There is no greasiness and the powdery finish gently controls shine. Gives you a radiant glow in a flash.

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How to Use:
Apply every morning to the face and neck after thorough cleansing.

Payot My Payot Jour Gelee Ingredients

My Experience with Payot My Payot Jour Gelée:

The product comes in a standard cardboard box which enlists the ingredients and the product description. The gel moisturizer itself is enclosed in a beautiful glass tub. It has a curvaceous shape, the product is orange and so is the lid. It looks absolutely beautiful in the vanity. I know tub-packaging is unhygienic, but since it looks so pretty, I am not complaining about it.

Payot My Payot Jour Gelee Packaging

Once you un-twist and open the lid, there’s a white plastic cut-out which you can easily pull. This prevents the product from sticking on the lid. I was mildly concerned when I saw the second ingredient as alcohol but then I decided to keep using the product and see what happens. After all, there’s no way to determine concentrations from an ingredient list.

After the plastic cut-out is pulled away, you can finally see the product. It looks like orange sorbet and smells like orange marmalade. The smell is so good and fruity that I want to eat it. But I have to stop myself because it is too expensive to eat. Yes, I know I am weird. The moisturizer itself feels like luxury on the fingers, it’s this very lightweight gel which glides smoothly on the skin and it feels just so nutritious because of the smell.

Payot My Payot Jour Gelee Lid

A little product goes a long way. This product contains vitamin C and AHA, and hence the whole amazing orange experience. AHA allows for detachment of dead skin cells faster. Therefore, giving you a radiant skin. That’s precisely what this product does. It has made my face so radiant and clear that a lot of my friends have been asking about my skincare routine. It is so radiant, it actually shines and glows when light falls on it.

It is meant to be used as a daytime moisturizer, but since it is so rich, I use it at night. Once you apply it, it just melts into your skin and takes a couple of minutes to settle, leaving you fresh with the citrus scent. This is the most lightweight moisturizer I have ever used. It instantly hydrates your skin without any heaviness and keeps skin shine-free for up to 6 hours. Therefore, this can also be used as an excellent makeup base for combination and oily skin.

Payot My Payot Jour Gelee Consistency

If you are looking specifically for an oil-control moisturizer, the Kiko Shine Refine Day Sebum-Balancing Gel Cream works better in that department. But, this moisturizer completely outweighs the Kiko product, in terms of the radiance and clarity it gives to your skin. It didn’t break me out, as a matter of fact, it keeps my breakouts in check in combination with other products in my skincare regime. However, if you have sensitive skin, I would highly recommend a patch test due to alcohol being the 2nd ingredient.

Overall, I absolutely love everything about this product. I can ignore the unhygienic tub-packaging (since I wash my hands every time before using it) because the radiance and clear skin are to live for. Highly recommended for the mature-combination skin as well.

Payot My Payot Jour Gelee Swatch

Pros of Payot My Payot Jour Gelée:

• Beautiful glass packaging.
• Rich orange marmalade smell.
• Makes skin hydrated without over-moisturizing it.
• Lightweight and glides smoothly on the skin.
• Little product goes a long way.
• With regular use, the skin actually shines and looks very clear (vitamin C + AHA).
• Can be used as a makeup base for combination and oily skin.
• Doesn’t cause breakouts.

Cons of Payot My Payot Jour Gelée:

• Expensive (but worth it).
• May not suit sensitive skin.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Payot My Payot Jour Gelée?
Yes, to both. This is a holy grail for me.

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