Peace Love and Juicy Couture Perfume by Juicy Couture Review

Peace Love and Juicy Couture Perfume by Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture came out with Peace Love and Juicy Couture, yet another fragrance by the brand, in the summer of 2010. As per Juicy Couture, the fragrance is a tribute to 60’s, and has a hippie, carefree Malibu appeal to it. The creator of the perfume is Rodrigo flores-roux, who has very carefully infused the perfume with a whole range of notes.

Peace Love and Juicy Couture Perfumeby Juicy Couture

Notes present in Peace Love and Juicy Couture:

Top Notes – Lemon, Hyacinth, Sweet Apple and Black Currant
Middle Notes – Jasmine, Magnolia, Poppy, Honeysuckle, Lime
Base Notes – Musk, Iris Root, Patchouli Blossom

Price – Rs. 3500- 5000 for 100 ml (In India)

My take on Peace Love and Juicy Couture Perfume by Juicy Couture:

Packaging – To me, the whole bottle looks really attractive! While, the bottle is made of heavy glass and is embedded with the trademark Juicy Couture symbol, the cap, itself, looks no less than a jewel crystal. I specially love the way Juicy Couture has decorated the bottle’s neck with turquoise band, pink tussles and little heart and “J” shaped dangles, where, “J” obviously stand for Juicy Couture. I think, the whole appeal given to Peace Love and Juicy Couture makes it look like a treasure bottle. Don’t you? ;D

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Peace Love and Juicy Couture Perfume by Juicy Couture

Fragrance – It is a really clean and fresh fragrance. Peace Love and Juicy Couture belongs to floral category, however, the fragrance is neither overpowering nor too sweet. You can easily makeout the different notes in the perfume – something I absolutely love about this fragrance. The presence of lemon and spice is prominent in the fragrance. This is what gave me a kick when I first open the bottle 😀 (All in a good way). I like the fresh appeal attached to the perfume. It’s a unique fragrance, nothing like the usual floral perfumes. I would say, Peace Love and Juicy Couture has a flirty, almost cheerful and a free spirited side to it.

This is a Love it or Hate it sort of a perfume, there is a good chance that some might not like it much, since it is not a typical sweet smelling floral perfume. I like it however, and I have applied a good amount of it! Honestly, it appeals to my causal side and bags me compliments 😀

I love to wear this perfume on casual day outs and informal parties. This is not a formal/office wear perfume – At least in my opinion.

Peace Love and Juicy Couture Perfume by JuicyCouture

Pros of Peace Love and Juicy Couture Perfume by Juicy Couture:

• Fresh and clean fragrance
• Not overpowering sweet smell
• Long lasting (Lasts easily for at least 4 – 5 hours)
• All season, anytime wear fragrance
• Value for money
• Easily Available in India
• Available in 30, 50, 100 ml EDT and EDP edition
• Expiry – 36 months

Cons of Peace Love and Juicy Couture Perfume by Juicy Couture:

Personally, can’t come up with any, as far as Peace Love and Juicy Couture is concerned.

Peace Love and Juicy Couture Perfume byJuicy Couture

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I repurchase it? Yes, I like the tomboyish yet feminine appeal attached to it.

Do I recommend it? Yes

However, since perfumes smell different on different skin types and also because this is not infused with typical floral notes – I would recommend you to go to the stores, smell it yourself and decide if you are ready for this fragrance or not. It’s available all across India at Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Perfume Couture, etc.

Advice – Before you outrageously reject this fragrance after the first whiff, wait for a couple of minutes and let the fragrance absorb in your body. It takes time for notes to settle in and this way you will be able to make a better judgment.

I hope you find this review helpful. Please share your views below!

Till we meet next – Take Care

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