Pears Amber Facial Cleanser Review



Skin type: Combination and acne prone

Hello beauties,
I have a cabinet full of face washes and my mom is always on a mission to empty these so that the stock gets reduced. And recently she took out a Pears cleanser which I had got long ago and used it, but it seemed okayish, so I had to put it back inside. Pears has been one of my childhood’s loves, so here I am remembering those olden days and reviewing it for you. So let’s get started!

Pears Amber Facial Cleanser Review

Price: Rs 285 for 200 ml

Product Description:
• 100% Soap-Free
• Hypoallergenic
• Non-Comedogenic
• Skin pH Balanced


It is especially made to take care of even sensitive and delicate skin, cleansing thoroughly, yet gently rinsing clean, leaving the skin feel moist. It is hypoallergenic and contains mild cleansers. It is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores.
Pears Facial Cleanser, with mild cleansers and milk protein, is a gentle way to attain clean, healthy looking skin.

My Experience with Pears Amber Facial Cleanser:

Packaging: The Pears face wash comes in fatty transparent tube with a black flip cap. The tube is inverted which lets out the product very easily from the little hole. The tube is handy but I would prefer carrying the travel sizes instead of this one. The tube is a see through one which lets me keep an eye on the amount of product left. The cap closes with a click, so no issues of leakage will be faced.

product label

Consistency and smell: The cleanser comes in a light yellow colour and looks very refreshing. It has a moderate consistency which is not very runny or thick. I like this consistency because usually the cleansers are very runny while this doesn’t drip off quickly from my palms. Even less than a coin sized amount is needed at once because this lathers very nicely. It has a very fresh baby soap scent which reminds me of my childhood days. It also has a floral touch to it which relaxes my senses. The scent lingers for 10 minutes on my face and then fades off.


Results on the skin: It gently cleans the skin without irritating. It is the one of the gentlest cleansers that I have ever used. It does not harm the skin in any way nor does it cause any redness. But I faced a little irritation initially because it made my skin a little dry. But after 5 minutes my skin was back to normal. It removes light face makeup too. It cleans away all the dirt, impurities and excess oil very nicely leaving my face matte. But it isn’t a great one for dry skin. It does not contain soap but I had that feeling we get when we use soaps, so I am not really sure about the soap-free thing. So, it is a very average cleanser which can be easily replaced!


Pros of Pears Amber Facial Cleanser:

• Super gentle cleanser for sensitive to normal skin.
• See-through packaging which lets us keep a watch over the product.
• A huge quantity provided.
• It has a nice soothing smell of baby soap with a floral hint.
• The consistency is great and lathers very well.
• It cleans my skin without any irritation.
• Takes away all the oils and leaves my face matte.
• My skin looks and feels very fresh.
• Hydrates my skin nicely.
• Soap-free, so great for sensitive skin.

Cons of Pears Amber Facial Cleanser:

• It will not work for people with dry skin.
• A very average cleanser.
• Very gentle for my liking.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Pears Amber Facial Cleanser?
I would only recommend it to people with sensitive skin as for normal skin, we have far better cleansers. I wouldn’t get it again as it is very average.

Conclusion: Had a great time using this as Pears reminds me a lot about my childhood days!

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