Pears Oil Clear and Glow Body Wash Review

In this post, I am reviewing Pears Oil Clear and Glow Body Wash. So, here comes the detailed review on this body wash.

Pears Oil Clear and Glow Body Wash

INR 180 for 250 ml.
Skin Type:
Normal to Dry

Pears Oil Clear and Glow Body Wash ingredients

My Experience with Pears Oil Clear and Glow Body Wash:

It comes in a medium-sized transparent bottle with a flip open cap. The body wash is in aqua green colour. This packaging is easy to use and leak proof. The bottle looks cute n classy. All the product description and directions to use are mentioned on the back of the bottle. It has a medium gel consistency. The body wash is neither too thick nor runny. The fragrance of the body wash is so refreshing, it is a fresh lemon fragrance. In bottle, it looks aqua green, but on the other hand, the color is negligible.

Pears Oil Clear and Glow Body Wash bottle

I generally use a loofah, but the body wash works quite well even if you don’t use one. Only a coin-sized amount is needed to create a rich lather. You will like the fragrance if you like fresh fragrances in bath and body products. My back is oily compared to the rest of the body. It cleanses the skin very well. It does lather a lot and leaves my skin squeaky clean. Also, instead of using it with a bath sponge, I sometimes apply it by just massaging onto my wet palms and wet skin. Also, this way, it lathers moderately. The fresh fragrance vanishes off as soon as the bathing process is complete; that’s a really nice fragrance which I wish would have stayed long.

Pears Oil Clear and Glow Body Wash cap open

Pears Oil Clear and Glow Body Wash does strip off moisture from my skin, so it would not suit dry skin. I feel the need to follow up with a light body lotion after shower. I think this body wash is apt for summer and not for winters. People with dry skin wouldn’t like it. If you don’t mind following up with body lotion, then it is a good option. Still you can try it in summer for refreshing fragrance.

Pears Oil Clear and Glow Body Wash swatch

Pros of Pears Oil Clear and Glow Body Wash:

  • It is a fresh lemon fragrance.
  • Refreshes the mood.
  • Really affordable.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Soap free and dermatologically tested.
  • Leaves skin squeaky clean.

Cons of Pears Oil Clear and Glow Body Wash:

  • Not suitable for dry skin.
  • Fragrance is not long lasting.

It is not a hydrating body wash, so wouldn’t suit any skin type in winters. It is a good soap free formula which I love. I am recommending it for its fresh lemon fragrance.

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