Ped Egg Power Review

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Do you remember the quote from the movie ‘Pakeezah’….“Aapke paon dekhe, bahut haseen hai. Inhe zameen par mat utariyega, maile ho jayenge.”  I wonder how many pedicures did the actress get to shoot the perfect sole shot!!

Ped Egg Power

Back to the real world, where my hapless feet have a once in a blue moon affair with pedicures. Still, I do make an effort to give my heels a quick scrub with pumice stone every 2-3 days. So far, my feet and me have reached equilibrium, but when I saw the PedEgg Power for heels, I was ready for its charm. I found out about the product while wiling away my time at the “Bed Bath and Beyond: store (window shopping helps sometimes :P).

Ped Egg Power Packaging:
The product comes in a white and blue plastic body, which is around 6” long. It fits easily in the hand and is easy to maneuver. It runs on 2 AA batteries, which are not included in the packaging. It has only one speed setting when the button is turned on. The roller is blue in color and looks very similar to sandpaper. The roller is a nano abrasion roller, which spins at the speed of 2500 times per minute. The packaging came with an additional purple colored buffing head as well but I have misplaced it in a year’s time ;(

Ped Egg Power

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My Experience with Ped Egg Power:

The product is actually a modified version of its original counterpart  – PedEgg Foot File. Though the product is named to suggest an egg shape (which was the original contour of PedEgg Foot File), it is shaped as a shaver. The product is easy to use and run across the heel and sole. I do not have to put in a lot of manual effort while using this product. In fact, I have observed if I press the roller very hard against the heel the spinning action of the roller stops.

Ped Egg Power

The Ped Egg Power is designed to remove foot calluses. Thankfully, I do not have severe calluses, but my heels tend to get rough and coarse if I do not take care of them. The roller of the product is very rough, but on my heels, I did not find it uncomfortable. I have also used it on the thick coarse areas of my feet with sandal marks and the roller works equally well. However, this product is not suitable if used on body skin as it is very abrasive (yes, I learnt it the hard way as I tried it on my knees and it was a disaster).

Ped Egg Power

I use the product on each foot for 5- 10 minutes while I catch up on my daily serial dose (can’t have enough of the daily soap opera!!) The only thing I have to take care is to have newspaper spread below to catch the dead cells flaking. I use it every 2 -3 days. It makes a small humming sound when I run it across my heels and it is not at all irksome.

Ped Egg Power

I do find that my heels feel softer after using the product. The advantage that I find while using this product over pumice stone is that I can multitask and do not have to sit in the shower to do it. Also, it takes less manual effort than the pumice stone. Using the abrasive roller on my heel never hurt me or caused discomfort.

Ped Egg Power

The only problem is that since it runs on batteries, I have to keep replacing them every 2-3 months based on the usage. Even though it has a plastic body, I have never used it in shower, as I do not know how it would affect the batteries. Since I do not have calluses, I cannot comment on how effective it was on them, but on my heels, it helps with any dry or rough areas. So far, it has been a quite an interesting product!!

Pros of Ped Egg Power:

  • Good product to help remove rough and coarse areas from heels and soles.
  • Specially designed to work on hard calluses on feet.
  • Plastic body fits easily in the hand.
  • Easy to maneuver on the feet and heels.
  • The roller works like a sandpaper to remove the dead and hard skin.
  • The roller does not cause any discomfort to feet.
  • Makes heels feel softer after using the product.
  • More efficient than using pumice stone as the person can multitask while using the product and also does not require to be used only in shower.
  • Requires less manual effort than the pumice stone.
  • Moderately priced.

Cons of Ped Egg Power:

  • Pressing the roller very hard against the heel causes the spinning action of the roller to stop.
  • Since the product runs on batteries, it has to replaced every 2-3 months based on the usage.
  • May not be suitable for shower use.
  • Availability in India.

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Would I Repurchase Ped Egg Power?

Not planning to buy this product again. I would continue to use it until the current one completely gives up on me. However, I would recommend you to try it if you are in a quest for pretty feet.

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