Percy and Reed No Oil Oil for Thick Hair Review

Percy and Reed No Oil Oil for Thick Hair

percy reed no oil oil

Claims :

percy reed no oil oil ingredients

Price : Rs 1,500

Also available for fine hair.

My Experience with Percy and Reed No Oil Oil for Thick Hair :

I absolutely loooove my Kerastase Serum but it took so long to get over that I got bored and thought I’d give something else a try. I picked up this Percy and Reed No Oil Oil for Thick hair a few weeks back during my Sephora Haul.

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It is a thick serum that you use post shower on the ends of your hair. It is meant to manage frizz, add shine and nourishment to the hair.

Well! this did not work too well for me.  I use it and I don’t see much difference in my hair. I would expect a serum to make my hair look smooth and shiny. Well, it did make my hair a bit smooth but I am always left wanting more from this product. I feel I want more shine, more smoothness and more nourishment. It never gave me that Wow! effect that Kerastase Serum or the Ouidad Leave in Conditioner give me. Also, it does not manage the frizz to well. It is somewhere mid-way in all the aspects.

It also has dimethicone as its second ingredient, which of course is a con for a whole lot of hair care products. But if it really worked well for my hair, I would have really not been too bothered. You may read more about Dimethicone HERE and HERE

It smells really nice..sort of soapy and I like the fragrance.

It does not weigh my hair down or make them oily. It penetrates the hair easily. But since it never gives very satisfactory results I am always confused whether I have applied enough. I have tried using more and less all of it but I have never been too happy with how it does not work too effectively.

It is meant to be dry thick hair and it should have been perfect for my hair type.  But it is not.

Availability is also an issue. It is only available in Sephora.

Not happy. Not recommended.

Rating : 2/5

percy reed no oil oil bottle

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Have you used Percy and Reed No Oil Oil for Thick Hair?

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12 thoughts on “Percy and Reed No Oil Oil for Thick Hair Review

    1. purva….first of all purva is such a nice name 🙂 ….n secondly I too have supeeer dry hair….a very few products actually work for me *nababana* ….I too used many serums but not with much effect …so if you find something to fix your hair please do let me know…might work for me too…. *waiting*

  1. Oh bad product !!!!! I have never seen any good results by applying serum or say; i don’t find any change in my hair… Hope to get HG product for my hair in terms of serum… 🙁

  2. good eve rati di…i had not even heard about this oil *scared*; though it did not work well but at least with your review i am aware of this product.. *hihi*

  3. Nice review rati….. But such a dud…. Why do brands launch such products…. Dont they test it out themselves before launching these products

  4. Thanks for this review Rati, I was thinking of buying stuff from this brand as its available in Aus now… With the posh name and all I thought it would be a good product – now ill stay away

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