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I was never much of a hair spray person or any other hair styling product person. The reason: I like my hair au naturel in all its wavy, frizzy glory. I somehow feel that your natural hair texture is supposed to suit your face the most, but then, I went on to buy a hair curler and curled my hair one fine day, but the curls lasted for just 2-3 hours. I was disappointed, but I really wanted that the next time I curl my hair, they last, as I quite liked the refreshing change in hairstyle (guilty)! And that is why I went on to buy the Percy and Reed Hair Spray. Did it fair well? Read on to find it out.
Percy and Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hair Spray

INR 1400 for 150 ml.

Product Claims and Ingredients:

Hair spray

Like all the Percy and Reed products, this hair spray comes in a white bottle with a black cap. The spray bottle has chic drawing on it. I kind of like Percy and Reed bottles, they are quite pretty. Anyway, the bottle is of good quality but because it is white, it tends to get dirty over time.

My Experience with Percy and Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hair Spray:

As we all know that there are two kinds of hair sprays.  The first type delivers a firm hold and the other type delivers a flexible hold. This Percy and Reed hair spray belongs to the former category. But there is a tip on the bottle which says, “for soft flexible hold, spray onto a dressing brush and sweep through the hair.” I was quite impressed that a firm hold hair spray can give you a flexible hold as well with this simple trick.

strong hold hair spray

Coming back to the hair spray in hand, it is quite good. Let us first talk about the hold. It actually holds your hairstyle quite well. When I curled my hair and sprayed it at the end, my curls lasted for the entire day, and did not budge. The next thing that I want to discuss is the texture. Since it is a firm hold spray, it does make your hair umm crunchy! I don’t know if that’s the right word, but that’s how my hair felt. It didn’t make my hair too hard though and I could still run my fingers through them, but they did have a bit of (again) crunch! 😛

hair spray

Next, when I straightened my hair, I tried the little hair brush trick and it did work. My hair was slack-straight all day and the hair spray didn’t alter the texture much and my hair was soft to touch. So, well one product is all you need for both your requirements.

The hair spray has a fresh fragrance that I like quite a bit. Actually, almost all the Percy and Reed products have a fresh fragrance. The fragrance is not at all annoying, at least to me. The product also doesn’t add any heaviness to my hair which is a big plus and no whitish deposit or cast too. All in all, it is a good hair spray, which works well and I do not have any major issues with it.

Finally summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Percy and Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hair Spray:

  • Great hold, my hairstyle lasted the entire day.
  • Can be used both as a flexible hold and a firm hold spray.
  • Smells fresh.
  • Pretty packaging.
  • Doesn’t add heaviness to the hair.
  • No white cast or deposit.

Cons of Percy and Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hair Spray:

  • Since it is primarily a firm hold spray, it will leave your hair a little crunchy when sprayed directly.
  • Price, because there are other good hair sprays available at half that price.
  • Availability.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Percy and Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hair Spray?
I think I might not and will try to find a cheaper one that works well. I am not saying it is bad, it’s actually good, but then the price is a little steep for a hairspray.

Final Verdict:
This is a good spray and I like it, but I feel that for the price it is not very extraordinary and you can find cheaper sprays that are equally good if not better. But if you want to buy this one, then go ahead as it won’t disappoint you. And it smells really good!

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