10 Tips To Get the Perfect Pout in Selfies

We all desire to get that perfect pout, but few of us are blessed with one. Whether you speak or eat, laugh or kiss, your lips are involved inevitably and if you have a lovely pout, it is definitely going to add to your appearance as well as your personality. Now, you can either be born with the great things in life or else, you can work hard to achieve them. So, if you are not one of those lucky ones, why don’t you start working on getting that perfect pout? This article is dedicated to all those beauties who are ready to walk that extra mile in order to get the wonderful pout!

Perfect pout tips

How To Get The Perfect Pout- The Basic Lip Care Regimen:

As a popular saying goes- ‘No Pain, No Gain’; this applies to the journey of getting a perfect pout as well! There is a basic lip care beauty regimen that you need to follow religiously. This is going to help you get the pout that you crave to get:
• Exfoliate: It is important for you to exfoliate your lips before you go for any kind of lip make up. This will help to get rid of all the flaky and dry skin so that you get smooth lips!
• Moisturize: Once you have completed exfoliating, it is time for you to moisturize your lips. Apply a rich lip balm with hydrating properties before you apply any makeup. Ideally, lip balm should be applied two times daily; once before you apply makeup in the morning and once before you go to sleep.
• Plump: There are quite a few lip plumping products available and in case you want an instant plumping of your pout, you can use these products to your advantage. They contain hydrating ingredients that make your lips appear fuller. Whether they are good for the health of your lips or not in the long run, is however, a debatable topic.
• Color: Now, get hold of the lip color you like best and apply it evenly across your lips. Go for a color that suits your skin tone and your personality! You are all set to capture the attention of the world with your beautiful pout!
Anti aging lip care: It is likely that fine lines and wrinkles would appear around your lip line and hence, to maintain your pout, it is important that you use night creams that boost collagen production, around that area!

How To Get The Perfect Pout – Makeup Suggestions:

Now, that you know how important the basic lip care regimen is, it is time for you to understand the intricacies of your lip makeup session so that you get a perfectly well-defined pout:

1. At first, apply some powder foundation on your lips. This will impart a matte effect to your lips while ensuring that the lip color to be applied henceforth lasts longer.
2. After that, a line (with a lip liner of light color) should be drawn outside around your natural lip line. Leave out the corners as that would make your bottom lip look thicker.
3. Apply a lip color of your choice. Begin with the middle and work your way towards the corners.
4. Complete your pouty look by adding some shiny lip gloss to the middle part of your lower lip. The lip gloss should complement your lipstick color and thus, your lips appear pouty and plump.

Hence, the right makeup can give an illusion of plumper lips; the right tricks would let you acquire the perfect pout of your dreams!

How To Get The Perfect Pout with Exercises:

Though, it might not be possible to get the lips of the full pouted Angelina Jolie with the help of exercises, these simple exercises, when done religiously, can definitely help you get more perfect lips than what you used to have before:

• Your lips should be pressed together and then, lifted towards your nose. Count till five as your hold on to this position. Relax. Repeat it ten times.
• Hold your teeth and lips together and smile as much as you can without opening your lips. Wait for ten or fifteen seconds and then relax. Pill your lips together to make a pointed kiss. Repeat it ten times.
• After taking a deep breath, let your cheeks be puffed up. Now, roll your lips and exhale air with three blows.
• Keep your lips pressed over your teeth. Use your index fingers to pull the lip corners up. Hold this position for a few seconds. Relax. Repeat ten times.

Try doing the exercises daily and combine them with the regular lip care regimen and make up suggestions to get that perfect pout.

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