Perfume Picks For Summer

Perfume Picks For Summer

Summer is here, and of course we all have tossed and turned our perfume. I am basically a fresh fruity, floral perfume lover!I am not too much into musky and woody scents hence my preference always bends towards the flirty and girly scents, my current favorite is Omnia Coral, I love the scent!I am sure not all of us like heavy and straight to the NOSE kind of scents for summers, so here is an assortment of perfumes, which I felt would be a great blend of choices for as Perfume Picks For Summer

Classique And Le Male Limited Editions For Summer The Urban Jungle

Perfume Picks For Summer

Classique, 100 ml Summer Fragrance

In the top note, rose flirts with orange blossom, heightened with a sprinkle of zest of Sicilian

The middle note is a pure floral bouquet of Sambac jasmine, ylang-ylang, woody lily of the valley and
white iris.

The heady base note blends vanilla absolute and fresh musk with botanical amber.

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Le Male, 125 ml Stimulating Summer Fragrance

An intense sensation of freshness, bracing and invigorating, perceptible from the first droplets of

The fresh and aromatic notes have been accentuated: lavender, mint and cardamom.

The green notes of leaves and fresh-cut grass are more assertive.

And the base notes of vanilla, musk and sandalwood remain unchanged.


Armand Basi Rose Glacee

Perfume Picks For Summer

The freshness of a fresh-cut rose sprinkled with morning dew is embodied in the captivating scent of ARMAND BASI ROSE GLACÉE.

A new fragrance created by Françoise Caron, who updated and refreshed the floral olfactive family perfume concept.

A sparkling and young top note of green apple in a stimulating alliance with fruity and citrussy notes of grapefruit and lemon.

A bright and feminine middle note in which the Piaget rose reigns supreme, recalling, with its petals trimmed like lace, a morning in May. The original harmony of intense cinnamon and peach nectar surprises the senses.

A bottom note of light woods, amber and musk crystals is sensual and woody.

A young and avantgarde fragrance which is elegant and modern. The rose as the highest expression of femininity, but also of defiance and sassiness. Contemporary charm and chic: ARMAND BASI ROSE GLACÉE.

Costs and Availability:
50 ml – approximately 180 AED (available at Faces)
100 ml – approximately 245 AED (available at Faces)

Chopard Enchanted

Perfume Picks For Summer

The conception of this potent magic potion took time and craft. It was designed by Jean Christophe Hérault and Dominique Ropion, two perfumers turned alchemists to create this unique fragrance. Its recipe reads like an invitation to dream, the progressive unveiling of subtle chords that compose a fantastic symphony of scents.

First comes the top note, the fruity velvet of plum. It is liqueur-like, sweet and strong at the same time and perfectly complements the following note, a soft and precious heart of fragile sambac jasmine. This flower native of South and Southeast Asia is also known as Sampaguita or Arabian jasmine. It is regarded as sacred by many cultures and is often associated with religious ceremonies. Its powdery scent carries a slightly fruity and animal nuance.

A noble and sensual base note of cashmeran gives consistency to this fresh and flowery bouquet. That fragrance was synthesised to add a long and lasting aromatic scent of spice, and musk. But the real magic comes from the note of patchouli that brings a mysterious and exotic touch of fantasy to this potent melange. This plant grows in the tropical regions of Asia and has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. It is also a key element in the composition of precious incense. Its slightly sharp, mossy and sparkling scent brings a mystical and bewitching echo, adding to Chopard Enchanted’s mystery.

This unique elixir comes as a beautiful champagne coloured liquid emphasizing the sense of wonder, lightness and joie de vivre that are indissolubly part of the perfume.

The price for the 2 sizes:
75 ML at 425 AED
50 ML at 335 AED

MontBlanc Legend Limited Edition

Perfume Picks For Summer

A surprising duo of frosted ginger and spearmint, a novel ingredient signed by Givaudan, with a highly aromatic freshness, close to that of mugwort.
Flowers: hybrid lavender, jasmine and rose.
Citrus fruits: bergamot and mandarin, rolling over the scent like a luminous wave.

After lightness comes intensity, the DNA of the LEGEND spirit. Sandalwood, dry amber, tonka been and Evernyl slip into the perfume wake and steer it toward a classically elegant sensuality.

Frosted royal blue takes the place of black to provide a hint of freshness. The bottle is both solid and round, like the legendary Meisterstück pen. Its cover is, naturally enough, embossed with the unique star shaped Montblanc Emblem. A truly virile object of desire.

Price :
Eau de Toilette Vaporisateur 100 ml for AED 282

Bvlgari Omnia Coral

Perfume Picks For Summer

Omnia Coral is the latest surprise from the “Omnia Collection”, a creative fragrance collection inspired by the colorful combinations of Bulgari gemstones.
From the purity of crystal to the noble elegance of amethyst and the vibrant vitality of coral, Omnia Crystalline, Omnia Améthyste and Omnia Coral are like sparkling ornaments, drops of light on the skin.

The fresh, floral Eaux de Toilette – signed by Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas – are a tribute to the richness and diversity of nature, an encounter between colorful gemstones and mythical flowers.

In the three fragrances, embodied by modern water nymphs, the power of color merges with the elegance of the most exclusive floral chords; their bodies slip gently through the transparent water in a gracious world of flowers, water lilies and colored petals.

25 ml Vapo EdT Omnia Coral 215.00
40 ml Vapo EdT Omnia Coral 255.00
65 ml Vapo EdT Omnia Coral 325.00

100ml Exfoliating Shower Gel Omnia Coral 165.00
100ml Scintillating Body Lotion Omnia Coral 195.00

Pivoine Delicate EDT

Perfume Picks For Summer

The Peony is a symbol of beauty and femininity. Every spring, when it comes into bloom, it puts on a dazzling show of colors and scents.

The Pivoine Délicate Eau de Toilette celebrates the most tender garden Peony, with its pastel shades and large, luscious petals. Its fragrance blends the delicateness of Peony petals with delicate and fresh green scents of Rose and Lily of the Valley. Made with a Peony extract from the Drôme region of France, this fragrance has a luminous floral accord with a soft powdery trail.

Eau d’Issey Eau de Toilette Summer

Perfume Picks For Summer

A duet of petals and fruit imbues the eau de toilette with a tender juicy freshness: the blend of rose water and pear lifts the composition.Utterly smooth and delicate to caress the skin and leave a film of scent as subtle as a mist. The peony and carnation of the original fragrance are still there, underlying the floral brilliance that lingers in the sparkling silage of precious woods and acanthus.

The fragrance of Eau d’Issey pour Homme Eau de Toilette Summer is Vibrant and responsive, with a surprising equilibrium between citrus fruits, spices and wood, the intense freshness of the mandarin and you zests of the original composition espouses a novel accord of cardamom and sage. Then, slowly, this tempers its vivacity with a duet of amber and votive.


L’Eau De Chloe

Perfume Picks For Summer

Created in 2008 by michel almairac (robertet), chloé’s signature fragrance attained classic status in a few short seasons. this city-chic rose scent, so instantly recognizable, now reveals itself in a new and different light. a declaration of freedom fresh from the chloé rose garden. the work of the same perfumer, l’eau de chloé contains an exceptional concentration of distilled rose water, which lends it a rare refreshing feeling. light as dew, this chypre rose seems suffused with pure oxygen. a delicate citrus harmony recalls summer’s luscious ice-cool lemonades. at once spirited and elegant, airy and ethereal, the rose leaves a subtle presence on the skin. little by little, patchouli appears in sophisticated touches, evoking the luxury and perfection of wearing a flawlessly finished garment.

layers of chiffon in bright sunlight. bare feet brushing long grass. the glow of dawn on the skin. chloé’s signature scent opens a new chapter in its story. an aura delicate as a breath of air. like the original fragrance, this unique eau suggests rare elegance and surprising modernity. free, spontaneous, radiant femininity. meet l’eau de chloé…

Prices :
EDT 50 ml for 305 AED
EDT 100 ml for 410 AED

Prada Candy

Perfume Picks For Summer

Prada Candy, the new feminine fragrance of Prada enriches the Prada brand’s fragrance universe with another vision: colorful, pop and explosive. Prada Candy incarnates the new Prada woman: she’s daring, sensual, full of life and implosive. The perfume is named after this seductive and joyful girl who is running wild. Top: Seductive notes: Joyful and Carefree-Explosion of caramel Middle: Powdery notes: Sophistication-Cocktail of musks Base: Vanilla notes: Sensuality-Benjoin overdose

What fragrance are you dwelling on this summer? What are your perfume picks for summer?
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