Perk up your Boring Dress Code

To have or not to have a dress code is the most debated topic. Some are in its favour stating that common appearance unify workers. Well, whatever the reason is, being bound to a dress code doesn’t mean you have to dress boring. I believe that even with the implementation of dress codes, a person can keep her individuality and look his or her absolute best.

Looking good in a boring dress code takes originality, creativity and sophistication. Mentioned below are few tips that will help you carve a separate place for yourself even when you are required to follow a strict dress code.

Tips to look good in boring dress code:

• The first and the foremost step to look good in any clothing piece is to know your body shape and dress accordingly. Knowing your body shape will help you find the best clothes that accentuate your shape. Pay attention to the fit as well if you want to make a stylish impact.

• Play with accessories to spice up your dress. Accessorize your dress with rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, belts, or scarves but do not go overboard with it. Work within the limitations of your dress code. If you are not comfortable with colourful accessories then you can go monochrome with your accessories and use them to add texture to your outfit.

• Shoes are what make an outfit and changing it up can really morph your look. Think sleek, professional, leather, not coloured canvas uppers or cork-covered heels. Choose shoes according to your dress code’s regulations. Like, if you are not allowed to wear heels, wear chic flats. The shoes can be simple, but they must be clean and polished to make a positive statement.

• Direct attention to your hair and makeup. Never ever wear loud makeup to a formal event or place. Keep your makeup really simple that goes with your work environment. Use a light sweep of eye shadow, blush and subtle lip shades to make your looks pleasing and not overpowering. Keep your hair neat and styled. Getting a hair cut that goes with your face shape will also help you to look attractive.

• Keep everything neat and tidy. In everything, whether you have a new hairstyle or at least some new bag, make sure that you are neat. Nothing looks worst than a shabbily dressed person in workplace.

So what are you waiting for just go ahead and start overhauling your wardrobe keeping in mind what works well at your workplace.

Hope these tips will help you to revamp your professional look.

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