Permanent Lip Liner Tattoo Trend

The first thing that even our Bollywood celebs want to change about themselves is their lips. Their lips make them feel insecure. From Katrina Kaif to Priyanka Chopra every second actress in Bollywood comes under the suspicion of lip surgery. Even though Anushka Sharma is so beautiful, it was reported in media that she had done a temporary lip filler to enhance her lips for her film Velvet. Did she get her old lip shape back, if it was a temporary job? Can anybody confirm? What Anushka Sharma did with her lips is what most of the girls around the world is doing through permanent lip liner tattoo. But, it is almost a permanent thing unlike temporary filler.

Permanent Lip Liner Tattoo Trend

If you search “lipliner” on internet, mostly pictures of Kylie Jenner, the sister of Khole Kadarshian will appear. She is the one, who made this permanent lip liner tattoo popular in international arena. She herself had agreed in an interview that her lips had completely changed her life. Unlike Anushka, she is praised around the world for her luscious pout. She seems happy about it and never gets tired talking about it. Her perfect plump pout has become a craze among the girls. Gone are the days of lip suction techniques or injections, girls are opting for permanent lip liner tattoo to get fuller lips like the celebs. Like, eyeliner, eyebrows and eyelid tattoos, lip liner tattoo is a new entry to the world of permanent makeup.

Permanent Lip Liner Tattoo Trend 2

What Does Permanent Lip Liner Tattoo do?

  • Permanent lip liner tattoo helps outline your lips and give them the illusion of fuller lip by enhancing and defining it.
  • Few types of pink is blended either to match the natural tones or to give it more defined look.

Pros of Permanent Lip Liner Tattoo:

Permanent Lip Liner Tattoo Trend 3

  • You will not be spending time on contouring your lips.
  • Lip liners will cease to exist for you.
  • Even without lipstick or gloss, your lips will look pink.

Cons of Permanent Lip Liner Tattoo:

Permanent Lip Liner Tattoo Trend 4

  • Even though it is called permanent lip liner tattoo, but it is not permanent in reality. It fades away because people use pigment instead of traditional tattoo ink. Pigment is thick in consistency therefore give natural finish compared to body tattoo ink. Also, since we use our lips for eating and drinking, it makes the tattoo diminish fast.
  • Since our lip is very soft in nature, the permanent lip liner tattoo hurts like hell.
  • Very expensive.
  • Need touch ups in every 5-6 years.
  • Trends are never permanent. Sometimes, they go just as quickly, as they come. What if this trend becomes out of fashion?
  • It might not work for your face and you might end up look like a duck.

Who Should Stay Away From It?

Permanent Lip Liner Tattoo Trend 5

Girls with darker skin tone should not try this strictly because their lips might get hyper pigmented and look darker.

Alternatives To Cover Up Permanent Lip Liner Tattoo?
You can remove it through laser treatments, but that would demand more time, money and pain.

Do you think it is worth the pain and money to get those fuller and kissable pouts? Please do let us know if this trend is a yay or nay for you and why?

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