Perricone MD No Blush Blush SPF 30 Review

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I have had hard luck with the Perricone MD skin care line, but I still decided to give the makeup from this brand a try hoping I would have a different experience. I was very intrigued by the “No Makeup Makeup” range from this brand because as much as I love my my bold colorful makeup, I also love easy, effortless, “no-makeup” makeup looks for my lazy days.  This review will be on the Perricone MD No Blush Blush SPF 30.
Perricone MD No Blush Blush

Product Description:
A revolutionary cheek serum with SPF 30 designed to shape softly rounded cheekbones and impart a healthy perfusion of color.  No Blush Blush restores the color and radiance of youthful cheeks while addressing compromised architecture of cheekbones with DMAE. A universally-flattering youthful rosy glow in a self-adjusting shade, it simulates the flush of youth. Personalize color with No Bronzer Bronzer.  It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Ingredients blush

My Experience with Perricone MD No Blush Blush SPF 30:

Packaging:  This blush comes in a small bottle with a doe-foot applicator. When the product separates (if kept undisturbed for a long time), you can see swirls of different shades of pink and coral in the bottle and it is recommended you shake the bottle before using, to mix up the product.

Application and Blendability:  Application is super easy and effortless, and literally foolproof. According to the instructions, you put 3 dabs of the product on your cheeks, but since I love my blushes to pop, I make about 2-3 streaks on each of my cheeks to give me more color. It is very easy to blend regardless of the method you use. It works equally well with your fingertips, a beauty sponge or a stipple brush, you just cannot go wrong with this. It does not set too quickly hence you have a good window of time to blend it in without it staining your cheeks. It does not apply patchy or streaky.

Texture:  The texture of this blush is like a thin mousse. It is thin but it is not watery or runny. It blends and sets on the skin with a smooth plush feeling without being too oily or heavy like a traditional crème blush.

Shade:  This product only comes in one universally flattering shade, which is rosy pink. This is the most natural-looking pink shade for my skin. When I apply this, it literally looks like I am blushing naturally.  It is soft, warm-toned rosy pink which is perfect for all skin tone but deep skin beauties might have difficulty getting this color to show up against their skin.
Applicator wand

Finish:  This blush yields a soft, natural-looking satin/demi-matte finish to the skin. It is not overly dewy, but adds just the right amount of glow and luminosity without using any shimmers.

Pigmentation:  This is a sheer blush, but it is very easy to build. I can apply multiple layers or even be a little heavy handed without any worry of it being too much. I also love the fact that unlike most oil-based crème blushes, which can feel heavy and move your foundation when you blend this blush does not do that.
Swatch on hands

Feel and Staying Power:  This blush was quite long wearing. It wore like a stain on my skin for over 8 hours without much fading. It does not feel heavy or tacky hence would be suitable even for oily skin girls who tend to shy away from crème blushes, yet at the same time, it does not accentuate or cling to my dry patches hence it also works great for dry skin.

Overall, I am surprised to say that this product impressed me far more than I was expecting. The only con is the shade is limited to only one color which may or may not suit deeper skin tones, but for everyone else, regardless of your skin type this product is a must have.

PS:  In the FOTD, I am not wearing any highlight on top of this product. The glow is mostly from my foundation and a little from this blush as well.
Swatch on cheeks

Pros of Perricone MD No Blush Blush SPF 30:

  • Natural-looking buildable color.
  • Does not look like makeup on your skin.
  • Universally-flattering shade.
  • Long wearing.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Easy to blend regardless of the method of blending.
  • Perfect for “no makeup” makeup days.
  • Perfect gift for makeup beginners.
  • No shimmer.
  • SPF 30.

Cons of Perricone MD No Blush Blush SPF 30:

  • Limited shade range.
  • This shade may not show up on deep skin tone due it the sheer nature.

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