Pharmaceris Anti-Dark Circles Corrective Eye Cream Review

This review is about an under eye cream that claims to prevent dark circles and reduce under-eye puffiness with regular usage. I picked up this eye cream from a pharmacy as my Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado got over and I wanted to try something new. Before talking about the eye cream let’s talk about the brand. Pharmaceris is a sub-brand of a well-known brand, Dr Irena Eris, which is a Polish company. Dr Irena Eris is a dermatologist and a doctor turned into cosmetic producer; she has many lines of skincare and various cosmetics sold here – all very popular). Pharmaceris is a more of dermatological, specialized skin care. Let’s dig into the review of the under eye cream from this brand.

Pharmaceris Anti-Dark Circles Corrective Eye Cream Review

Price: AED 75 for 15 ml
Shelf Life: 12 months

Product Description:
Soya and rice proteins complex improves blood circulation and reduces puffiness around the eyes and eye dark circles under eye, preventing skin aging. The cream has calming and soothing effects. Vitamin e, a natural anti free-radical agent, prevents premature skin ageing.
High tolerance and efficacy
Dermatologically tested
Directions for Use:
Prepare the skin for application by cleansing with a Pharmaceris W product. Apply the cream to the skin around the eyes, taking care not to put it into the conjunctival sac. Use daily for at least 4 weeks. Can be used as an under makeup base. Best results within Pharmaceris Whitening complete programme.

My Experience with Pharmaceris Anti-Dark Circles Corrective Eye Cream:

It comes in a simple white coloured pump packaging and it is a plastic bottle. The pump works perfectly and the cap shuts tightly, making it easy to use, hygienic and travel-friendly as well. The consistency of the eye cream is very light and absorbs quickly into the skin. I found it to be very hydrating and it does not leave any oiliness or residue behind. Hence, it also works well under makeup.

Pharmaceris Anti-Dark Circles Corrective Eye Cream Packaging

Upon regular usage – for almost 2 months – my under eye area looks more hydrated and supple. Of course, I do not have any wrinkles, so I cannot comment if it has any anti-ageing benefits. Since my under eye area is more hydrated, my skin texture looks much smoother. This is great not just to hydrate and plump up the under eye area, it helps to reduce the dark circles significantly upon regular usage. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a starter eye cream with an added benefit of SPF 15.

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Pharmaceris Anti-Dark Circles Corrective Eye Cream Claims

If you are looking for an eye cream that not only reduces dark circles but prevents them too along with a boost of hydration and suppleness, this is great! If you are someone with sensitive eyes, this would be well-suited for you as well as it’s hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Overall, this eye cream has truly surpassed my expectations.

Pharmaceris Anti-Dark Circles Corrective Eye Cream Swatch

Pros of Pharmaceris Anti-Dark Circles Corrective Eye Cream:

Perfect for daily use
Perfect for all skin types
Comes with SPF 15
Reduces as well as prevents dark circles
Hydrates the under eye area without being heavy
Dermatologically tested
Brightens up the under eye area
Reduces puffiness
Will last long
Value for money
Simple packaging

Cons of Pharmaceris Anti-Dark Circles Corrective Eye Cream:

Unavailability in India
Expensive but worth every penny

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Would I Recommend Pharmaceris Anti-Dark Circles Corrective Eye Cream?
Overall, I would highly recommend this eye cream. Do buy this eye cream if you are in your late 20s and if you have issues such as dark circles, eye bags and puffy eyes. You try it and you are sorted!

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