Philips Hair Straightener HP8309 Review

Philips Hair Straightener HP8309 Review

Hello everyone,

I am back after a long unwanted break for some reasons. I have missed so much in the last couple of months.  My regards to all IMBBians.  I am reviewing Philips Hair Straightener in model number HP8309 today. I bought this 6-7 months ago.  Before this, I was using the one from Remington that my cousin had got for me from the US. Now, I didn’t know much about the voltage thing that these straighteners works with.  All I knew was that I needed a different plug to use it in India which I did.  Turned out, it was not compatible with the voltage power in India. Still, it worked awesome for 1.5 years before it finally stopped working one day. I asked Remington Customer Care, and they explained to me the whole situation and that how silly I was. So well, my hair has always been super wavy, so I need to flat iron them in case I let my hair down.



Rs. 1395


My Take on Philips Hair Straightener HP8309:

Well honestly, I am not very much impressed by this flat iron. I have used the Remington one, so I can see the difference. Everything from the usage of this straightener to the results on my hair is not good enough. My hair gets straight but not poker straight like I used to get with the Remington one. Also, they don’t get that silky shine anymore.

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I have read the reviews on other straighteners from Philips here on IMBB, they seems much better. Like HP 8310 and HP 8315 from Philips are the better ones and from the higher end. This is the most basic one that I bought in a hurry to which I thought I should have invested more and opted for the better one.


Otherwise, there is no such big issue with this, its just that I am not completely satisfied with this. It has many good points and I use it regularly, but only until I buy a new and better one.


Pros of Philips Hair Straightener HP8309:

  • Not expensive.
  • From a trusted brand Philips.
  • Heats up very quickly, in less than a minute’s time.
  • Dual voltage.
  • Cord is long enough to use comfortably.
  • Thin plates can do curls more easily.
  • Box is sturdy and I always keep my flat iron in it after use.
  • Ceramic plates.
  • Heat of 210 degrees does not damage hair (much).
  • 2 years worldwide guarantee.

Cons of Philips Hair Straightener HP8309:

  • The biggest con is that it does not make hair silky and poker straight which is a big con according to me.
  • I prefer broad plates for my long hair.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Philips Hair Straightener HP8309?

No, I will not recommend this because its not the best of flat irons out there. Hair straightener is usually a long-term investment, so I suggest to raise your budget a little more and go for the
higher end ones. Other models in Philips are good and not very expensive too. I will buy a better one now, either Remington, Braun, morphy Richards or higher range of Philips.

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7 thoughts on “Philips Hair Straightener HP8309 Review

  1. You are right Loveleen.. When I went to store the SA explained the difference between the basic one’s and Ion technology one’s(HP8310 & HP8315) but Ion technology one’s were 19995/- at store so I didn’t buy that time.. *scared*

    I found HP8310 online when GOSF2013 was on and I got it from amazon in 1349/- only *happydance*

    Jomol, thanks for review of HP8310, it really helped me made up my mind between HP8310 n 8315 as I also like curls *puchhi*

  2. I also brought philips hp 8310 slim after reading neha’s review on the same and I am lovin it it cost me only 1500 rs. though

  3. You are totally wrong.. the straightener is really working great.. i m loving it.. i have thick and long hair.. i bought it yesterday and from the 1st use it is working great.. silky and shiny straight hair… might be u have received a faulty product.

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