Philips HP4944 Travel Hair Dryer with Ionic Care Review

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Today is my first review of a hair tool and though I have written my fair share of posts on IMBB, a first always makes me a bit nervous. So please correct me if I go wrong with this review anywhere.  The product in question is Philips HP4944 Travel Dryer with Ionic Care. Remember how a few weeks back I had asked on the forums about the best hair dryer brands? It was then that I decided to lay my hands on this beauty. A big THAAAAAAANKS to all of you who helped me zero in on Philips.

Philips HP4944 Travel Hair Dryer with Ionic Care

I must say that I have always been very skeptical about hair dryers. The reason being, that we have always been told that hair dryers are never good for our tresses. And let me tell you, these perceptions are not wrong, as the hair dryers of our childhood indeed damaged our hair, even during that short trip to the salon. However, with advanced technology like ionic care and keratin, these damages have been lessened to a large extent, which makes today’s dryers gentle and conditioning on our hair.

A word of caution though – no matter how gentle, conditioning, and technologically advanced a dryer might be, do not overuse it. Use it only when you really need to, and with the recommended distance from your hair. Also, if the dryer has temperature settings, set it at the lowest or the least warm temperature setting. It will take a few more minutes, but it is best for your hair.  Alright then, let’s get on with the review, and find out how Phillips HP4944 Travel Dryer with Ionic Care fared on me.


Price: Rs. 1995/-. I got it online for Rs. 1397/- 😀

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Philips HP4944 Travel Dryer with Ionic Care comes neatly packed inside a cardboard box, which is very sturdy. The fact that the box was totally intact when it was delivered to me vouches for the quality of cardboard that has been used to manufacture it. Very sturdy, and can be reused.

When you open the box, the dryer is neatly packed inside with the tangle-free cord. A separate head attachment for precise drying is also given. The best part, however, is that the dryer is foldable, and a travel pouch comes along with the dryer. This is a very travel friendly dryer. You just have to fold the cord, and the dryer, and pack it inside the travel pouch. Drop in the head attachment, and pop the pouch inside your handbag or travel bag. Light and handy, you are ready to go!!

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My Experience with Philips HP4944 Travel Hair Dryer with Iconic Care:

As I said, I was very skeptical about buying a hair dryer, given the cons of our childhood. After you guys helped me zero in on Philips as a brand for it, I researched and found out that ionic care and keratin technology dryers, were not only the least damaging to hair, but also cared for hair and provided gentle drying and conditioning. Since the keratin one was a bit heavy for my pocket, I settled for this one.

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When I used it for the first time, I must say that I wasn’t very much impressed. Reason being that I had specifically bought this dryer for two reasons – firstly, as it had gentle drying at 1600, so I thought that it would dry hair pretty quickly. Secondly, that it had ionic technology. Also, I forgot to take into account the fact that my hair was medium long and dense. Now after having used it quite a number of times, I must say that I wasn’t using it quite in the correct manner in order to extract optimum benefits from the product.

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It is gentle on hair; very, very gentle. Also, it is very light to hold, so if your hair takes a bit of a time to dry, your hand won’t be tired holding this small wonder. I have seen many people complaining that the “cool” air function doesn’t work. I will tell you, that it does work. Only that most of us prefer to use the “warm” air function in winters, and just like the blower, which takes time to switch back to cool mode, same is the case with dryers. The “cool” air is mostly, pleasantly warm, and not at all harsh. The “warm” air, which is a level up, is also gentle, if you want a fairly quick dry. I have not yet used the “hot” air function, and I would advise that use it only when you want to style your hair, on rare occasions.

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As I said, I have medium-long length hair, and my hair are dense, touchwood 😛 . I never dry my hair 100% with it. Also, please remember to towel dry your hair and wait for 5 to 10 minutes after that, before you start using the hair dryer. Keeping a safe distance between hair and dryer, is something obvious too. Anyway, so, this beauty took around 10 minutes to semi-dry my hair, around 70%, and I was happy with it. Also, unlike other dryers, it did not soak the moisture up from my scalp or hair, and my hair actually felt soft after usage. Also, my hair did not lose the shine and luster, the premium quality of this product from Philips, managed to retain, and even enhance that.

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If you want even quicker drying, you can use the hair dryer as it is. However, if you want precise parts to dry, use it with the nozzle attachment that comes along with it. It is super easy to attach/detach. The air flow is very gentle (I am saying it again and again 😛 ).

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Lastly, I would say one thing to you people. I have never used the lower-priced versions of hair dryers, so I cannot compare. This is my very first dryer, and the fact that I simply love my hair and that they are super sensitive, made me go for an expensive version. Given the features, and performance after 4 to 5 usages, I love it. I must say that it would take me a few more usages and time to get the full hang of using a dryer. Right now, I am using it super cautiously (can’t blame me for that! Childhood “dryer” scare 😉 ).

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Summing up:

Pros of Philips HP4944 Travel Hair Dryer with Iconic Care:

  • Comes from the brand “Philips.”
  • Reasonably affordable for an appliance with most of the high-end technologies.
  • Comes with ionic care.
  • Dries hair pretty quickly (on gentle mode).
  • Comes with a nozzle attachment for precise drying.
  • Easily available online and off line, and also at various discounts (If you are lucky 😉 ).
  • Very gentle on hair (There, I said it again – “gentle.” 😉 ). The air flow is very soothing and not at all harsh.
  • It has 3 air settings to choose from. You can choose whichever you want as per your preference. “Cool” for gentle drying, “Warm” for quicker drying, and “Hot” for quick drying and styling. It is your multipurpose styler.
  • Retains the softness and shine, as it is very breezy on your tresses.
  • Come with a hook for easy storage.
  • Portable – the best part.  Not only because of the pouch, but because it is foldable and drops so easily inside that small pouch. That pouch can further be easily carried into your handbag even.

Cons of Philips HP4944 Travel Hair Dryer with Iconic Care:

  • Absolutely none! This is my first and perfect hair bestie!!

IMBB Rating and Recommendation:

I rate Phillips HP4944 Travel Dryer with Ionic Care 5/5!! Yes. It deserves every point of the rating and every penny you spend on it. I was eyeing the keratin one, but now I am glad that I got this instead.  I do recommend. If you ever want to go for a budget hair dryer, shell out a few more bucks, or wait a month more to save, and get this one. This is my second appliance from Philips after the epilator, and I must say, I am super happy with the purchase. Go get it gals!!

I hope that you find my review useful and that it aids you in your purchase.

P.S. : This is my first hair tool/appliance review, so if you think that I missed on a certain point/s, do let me know in the comments. 😀

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11 thoughts on “Philips HP4944 Travel Hair Dryer with Ionic Care Review

  1. You’re so chirpy Kads! I so like to read your reviews! 🙂
    I too am scared of what you quoted as ‘childhood scare of using hair dryers’ Hehe I use my hair dryer only for rare occasions like twice or thrice a year! :p

    1. Hahahhah!! I am a chirpy one Priyanka. 😉 the haor dryer scare is common for all of us. But you can use this one frequently. 🙂

  2. good review Kads….after my last shitty dryer fused i stopped using one for almost a year now as it was drying out my hair like crazy… i stick to air drying nowadays….however, ive been wanting to buy a good dryer to keep for special occasions when i need that blow dried look and your review really helped. Btw whats in the keratin one that this doesn’t have and how much is that one?

    1. Mimosa the kerashine one has got ceric coating infused with keratin technology as an addition, and gives more shine and care. It costs around 2600 I guess. Check the philips site for more accu info. 🙂

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