Philips HP8120 Essential Care 1200W Hair Dryer Review

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I am always in a hurry and I don’t have much time to set my hair nicely, so I badly needed a good hair dryer. Since Philips is the most popular hair dryer brand in India, I picked up this new dryer. As per my knowledge, Philips has recently launched some new hair dryers; mine is HP8120. Let’s jump into the details of this dryer.

Philips HP8120 Essential Care 1200W Hair Dryer Review

Product Description:
• Thermo Protect
• Cool Air Setting
• Foldable Handle
• 1200 W Power
• Compact Size
• 3 Dry Settings

INR 1095

My Experience with Philips HP8120 Essential Care 1200W Hair Dryer:


Philips hair dryer comes in a nice and hard cardboard box. The box contains all the details of the product and it also comes with a manual sheet. The dryer looks very pretty; it comes in a white and pink color. It is definitely a cute looking dryer and the concentrator is made of clear pink plastic and is a detachable one.

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It has a foldable handle which makes the dryer occupy lesser space, and makes it easy to store too. The cord of this hair dryer is decently long so I can nicely use this. Overall its compact packaging makes it easy to use and travel friendly. It looks nice and the quality of the material is so good. It doesn’t come with any travel pouch but according to its price it is a great buy for me. And it is a 1200W hair dryer, which pretty good for daily use.

pink hair dryer

Now let’s discuss that how it works on my hair. I have pretty straight and thin hair. Also as I have oily scalp, my hair tends to looks limp. So after washing my hair, it takes only few minutes to dry my entire hair. It is extremely easy to use and it never provides direct heat on my scalp. It gives a very gentle dryer experience. The concentrator is not narrow, so it can’t provide a focused air flow, but it is not that big either. It has a nice, medium oval mouth which works in a balanced way. The airflow goes nicely at the inner hair and it properly dries out my hair from the root. I really like this dryer for its gentle drying technique and it never directly heats up my scalp.

front and back

It also has so many other nice features. It comes along with 3 different drying settings for your needs. The first option is cool air setting and it gives a very nice, normal air flow. It doesn’t feels hot, it actually feels like extremely pleasant but it takes time to dry my long hair. Next is the ThermoProtect (TP) setting which provides most optimal drying temperature. It is warm but gentle.


It takes 8-10 minutes to dry my hair. I mostly use this option and it can quickly dry my hair. It makes my hair shiny and extremely soft. My hair looks healthy and voluminous. Next is the hot and strong airflow, which is good for very fast drying. It feels hot but not overpowering at all. It takes only 5-7 minutes to dry my hair. So when I have no time, I use this setting. But mostly, I prefer the Thermoprotect setting for its gentle flow. But if I have time, I like to go for cool air setting; it takes time, but gives very soft and healthy hair.

handy hair dryer

I totally love how it works on my hair as it makes hair shiny also. It keeps my hair tangle free and after shampoo I don’t need to detangle it. As I have totally flat and straight hair, this dryer makes my hair look smooth and perfectly straight. The blow dryer gives a natural bounce to my hair with a soft texture. My hair feels less damaged and stays in place. But the only thing I wish – a narrower concentrator.

Otherwise it is just perfect for my normal hair as a daily use dryer. It gives quick and gentle air dry with a lovely shine. Also it does not damage my hair a lot as my hair does not get rough throughout the day.

Pros of Philips HP8120 Essential Care 1200W Hair Dryer:

• Cute and compact packaging
• Foldable handle and contains easy storage hook
• 1200W is perfect for daily use
• Affordable
• Oval shaped adjustable concentrator
• Comes with a 3 drying settings
• Has a unique cool air setting too
• ThermoProtect setting gives quick but very smooth results
• Takes maximum 10 minutes to dry even long hair
• Hot setting takes 5 minutes to dry hair
• Gives a lovely shine & keeps hair tangle free
• Makes hair bouncy and adds a nice volume
• Air doesn’t feel hot against my scalp

Cons of Philips HP8120 Essential Care 1200 Hair Dryer:

• Wish the concentrator were a little more narrow

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Philips HP8120 Essential Care 1200W Hair Dryer?
I assume it will last long and it comes with a 2 years warranty too. But I just love this product a lot, and how it works so smoothly on my hair. I would highly recommend this product to all of you as your daily hair dryer. It is totally worth a buy.

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