Philips HP8659 KeraShine Essential Care Air Straightener – Does it Work?

Philips HP8659 KeraShine Essential Care Air Straightener

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So here I am, sadly, with my final review for the Philips KeraShine range. The Air Straightener is the last product I bought from this range and it completes my set of styler, straightener and dryer 😀 I’m glad I bought this one instead of the one in Pink and White (HP8658) because it fulfills my necessities a little more as compared.

Now, let’s be logical. The name given to the product is “Air Straightener” so how can you think of it has a Hair Straightener? It’s a combination of a brush and a blow dryer in one machine. It might give you a straight hair look but it won’t straighten them, at least not for those who have curly hair. I’ve seen many people give bad reviews to the product because they bought it thinking it’s a hair straightener. So here I am with my review to try and answer all your queries regarding the product and whether or not you should buy it.
 Philips HP8659 KeraShine Essential Care Air Straightener

Price :

It’s originally priced at ₹2,295 but I got it online for ₹1,940.

Features :

1) Naturally Straight and Smooth Hair with Shine Therapy.
2) Protective Ceramic Coating with Keratin Infusion.
3) Two different Heat Settings.
4) Ionic Care for Smooth, Frizz-Free and Shiny Hair.
5) Paddle Straightening Brush.
6) Two Conductor Plug Cord.



My Take On Philips HP8659 KeraShine Essential Care Air Straightener:

In my opinion, this product comes to the rescue for girls with curly hair who can’t use a blow dryer because it makes their hair frizzy. If you’ve read my previous reviews, you will know I’ve got curly hair ranging from dry to frizzy. I can never use a blow dryer as it makes my hair too poofy 😛 I loveee this product as it helps dry my hair while helping me manage them. I use it only on wet/damp hair and mostly before styling or straightening them. It’s not at all time consuming to use and dries my hair in minutes. The keratin makes my hair shine and so soft! My fringe is the tricky part when it comes to using tools to set my hair, but this product makes it looks so good, I couldn’t be happier. Although, it did not make my hair straight at all but it did enhance my curls and frizz-free by 80% which is so unlike a blow dryer. You can also use it with a serum before leaving your hair to avoid fly-aways and if you don’t have time to style your hair. It will totally be helpful to those who already have straight to wavy hair as it will just make them look and feel better.Overall, I’m happy with the product 🙂



Pros of Philips HP8659 KeraShine Essential Care Air Straightener:

  • Dries hair in minutes.
  • Keratin and Ionic care helps keep hair away from damage.
  • Gives a frizz-free look.
  • Enhances curls.
  • Even though it’s a brush, beauties with curly hair can use it without any tension.
  • Best used after washing hair and before styling with heating tools.
  • Helps style the fringe beautifully.
  • No need to use a blow dryer and a brush anymore thanks to this!
  • Comes to the rescue for those with curly hair who can’t blow dry because it makes their hair frizzy.
  • Makes my hair soft.
  • Better than a Blow Dryer.
  • Guarantee of 2 years is provided.



Cons of Philips HP8659 KeraShine Essential Care Air Straightener:

  •  Expensive.
  • Does not give naturally straight looks to people with curly hair.
  •  Works as a Blow Dryer more than as a Hair Straightener.
  •  As curly hair dry completely, they look messy.
  •  Will mostly suit beauties with straight to wavy hair.
  •  Might not suit people with frizzy hair.
  • Not worth buying if it is your first choice from this range.



IMBB Rating :


Would I Recommend  Philips HP8659 KeraShine Essential Care Air Straightener?
If you are going for it as a Blow Dryer cum Hairbrush and not as a Hair Straightener, yes I would totally recommend it 🙂

Hope I answered your queries regarding the product 😀
Thank You for reading 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Philips HP8659 KeraShine Essential Care Air Straightener – Does it Work?

  1. I have wavy frizzy hair…will it suit my hair if i just want to use it to dry my hair and get a defined look??
    I dont want poker straight hair….my hair sometimes get out of control and to reduce that will this work??

    1. Hi! If you have frizzy hair, I will recommend you to use a serum before using this item or a blow dryer in general. . I use the Moroccan Argan Oil Serum 🙂 You can read my review here –
      The air straightener won’t give you poker straight hair anyway but it will help you manage your hair because of the keratin 🙂 If you can make out in the picture, my hair are curly but managed and not looking frizzy at all! Whereas my hair texture is dry and frizzy. So that’s why I loved this product from Philips because even if it’s like a blow dryer, it still helps me manage my hair and keep fly-aways, away! 😀
      Hope I was of help! 🙂 xox

  2. I got this product a couple months ago..I have straight to wavy and fine hair, and it works quite well as a straightener too!

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