Philips Kerashine Dryer HP8216 Review

Philips Kerashine Dryer HP8216

Hello Girls,

These days IMBB is having super useful posts on Straightner, dryers etc… Last month I had also bothered you about what to look in a good hair dryer. And Tada… I have got my hair dryer. Well it is actually one of the birthday gift which I got from my special one, so obviously this has to be a special one *blush* *blush*. I was just telling him last month about all the requirements which I am looking into a dryer which you guys had suggested me. And he bought exactly the same hair dryer which I would have bought if I had gone to buy.
So this dryer is indeed special to me.


Price: It is available online at around INR 1665 although MRP is INR 1995

About the product: Well this is Philips hair dryer model number HP8216 Kerashine Hair Dryer. The product claims to:

• Care for your hair as it has ceramic coating with keratin infusion
• Provide shine and conditioning as it has Ionic Care
• Provide better heat protection of the hair as it has EHD technology

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It has a foldable handle hence occupies less space but still it is not as small that it will fit into your travel bag very easily .

It has three speed settings. Two hot air and one cool air. I mostly use at cool air flow ( as I am afraid using it on hot hair will damage my hair). It dries my hair very effectively even at cool hair although it takes time as compared to hot air.
It comes with 2 year of warranty.


My experience with Philips Kerashine Dryer HP8216:

As I mentioned above, I am totally in love with this dryer. Thanks to IMBB gang again for providing such a valuable suggestions. It doesn’t make my hair frizzy at hair, instead provides a shine to them. It takes only 7-10 minutes to dry my hair. It has a separate nozzle kind of thing to provide better airflow and yes it did make my hair BOUNCY.

Pros of Philips Kerashine Dryer HP8216:

• Has cool air setting, hence you can use it when you are not in a hurry
• Long chord
• Foldable handle.
• You can hang it also, hence it fits anywhere
• Has negative ion technology which makes my hair shiny and bouncy
• Ceramic coating which protects my hair.


Cons of Philips Kerashine Dryer HP8216:

Available only in black colour. No girly colour available.

Will I recommend it? Yes yes yes, best one if you are looking for a hair dryer in this range

Rating: 5/5

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  1. Yes,yes Neha di.
    I love using it.. *pigtail*
    Thanku for creating my author ID.
    Just one doubt, will my old post be also linked with ths? bcz right nw wen I click on my name I can see only this post..

  2. Heyyy i think philips is the best brand na for hair dryers *happy dance* *happy dance* me too have philips *hifive* *hifive* lovely nails and nail colour *pompom* *pompom*

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