Philips KeraShine High-Performance Styler BHH777/20 Review

Hair Type: Long, straight, smooth and thin hair.

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I am totally obsessed with loose waves as it adds a new look to my boring straight hair. Last month, I wanted to buy this Philips KeraShine High-Performance Styler but, somehow, I couldn’t pick this one and bought the Philips Essential Care Heated Styling brush which is great for big curls. But I have found this High-Performance Styler at a store and I was super excited for it’s ‘easy straightens and create waves’ claim. But I am not totally happy with it. Read on to know more about this product.


Price: 2995INR
Product Description:
The Philips KeraShine “Tulip” makes it easy to straighten and create loose waves. The unique Tulip shape and keratin-infused styling plates allow you to achieve the beautiful styles you desire with less risk of hair damage.


• Unique Tulip shape.
• Heat-safe design.
• Light and compact.
• Clip and create waves.
• Keratin ceramic coating.

My Experience with Philips KeraShine High-Performance Styler BHH777/20:


Like the other hair styling tools, it comes in a nice, purple cardboard box along with an information card and a 2-year warranty card. It is a nice packaging but there is no pouch to carry it. Actual product comes with a very attractive, violet and black coloured tulip-shaped, medium size tool that feels convenient to hold and carry. It has a unique curvy edge and the product has a round density that helps to create waves.

Inner section has keratin infused ceramic plates that only open when you press the button. There are two buttons which actually acts as an automated clip and it helps to insert the hair between the plates. Due to its compact design, it is safe to use and there are fewer chances to burn yourself. But, the outer coat heats up after few minutes so, if I touch that outer section, it feels very hot. Also, there is no heat controlling option so, it might damage your hair. I was disappointed with this straightener when I noticed some smoke while styling my hair.


I need to take a small section of my hair and after switching on the straightener, I need to insert my hair between the plates. It is quite easy to use and this tool holds my hair firmly. But, I need to work with small sections. Also, when I used it the first time, I thought it might be a disappointing product. But, I need to learn the technique to use it properly.

I usually start curling from the upper section of my hair and drag it in a downward motion till the mid-length and then I need to rotate the curler and wrap my hair around it. I also prefer to hold the end section for a perfect result. Once, I wrap my hair properly in a full circle, I drag down the curler slowly until I reach the end. In this way, it creates loose waves easily. For best results, I held my curl for few seconds and then, I left it normally. Finally, I used a hair setting spray to set my hair.


So, basically the technique is very easy and I can complete my hair style within 15minutes and it glides smoothly on the back side of my hair. My hair got never stuck into the tool. This is actually an old way to curl my hair with a straightener but it is a much better tool. I have a long and super straight hair so, it creates very soft loose waves at the end section of my hair. It can’t curl them, it can only create naturally soft waves and the rest of my hair looks completely straight. But, my hair looks soft and smooth with a natural bouncy look.

It only creates waves at the end section so, on my long hair, it looks just ok and not so great. But, it works best on short hair. My front section is quite small so, it curls them very nice. So I think it will work really well on short or mid length hair to provide those loose waves or big curls.


As I have straight hair, it can’t make them straighter. So, it is not a hair straightening tool for me. I don’t think it will work nicely as a straightener to achieve that poker straight hair on curly hair too. It is actually a little difficult to hold the hair between those plates. As it has got fixed plates, I can’t press them fully while dragging my hair. So my hair slips between the plates normally and doesn’t fit tightly for a perfect straight result. Maybe, it happens for my smooth and straight hair but I am not sure about how it will work on curly hair.


It works well for a natural wavy look rather than the super straight hair. Also, the loose waves don’t stay long without a setting spray. Even with a spray, it doesn’t stay that good. By the end of the day, my hair looks normal. Overall, it is a nice one but won’t create those perfect waves. It works nicely on short hair.


Pros of Philips KeraShine High-Performance Styler BHH777/20:

  • Attractive Tulip style, lightweight packaging.
  • Easy to hold and use.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • Automated clip hold hair and easy to rotated it.
  • Unique shape provides nice loose waves.
  • Best for short or mid length hair.
  • Can provide natural loose waves at the end section.
  • Makes hair smooth and soft.
  • Provides a natural bouncy look.
  • Can provide big curls on short hair.
  • Takes only 15 minutes to style hair.

Cons of Philips KeraShine High-Performance Styler BHH777/20:

  • No heat control option and the front section feels hot.
  • Smoke generates while usage.
  • Need practice for the best results.
  • Can’t hold hair tightly during straightening.
  • Can’t provide big curls on long hair.
  • Can’t straighten my already straight hair.
  • The result doesn’t stay on for long.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Philips KeraShine High-Performance Styler BHH777/20?
I am already planning to give it to my sister who has short hair so no idea of repurchasing it. If you have short or mid length hair you can try it but don’t expect tight curls or full straight hair. It can create natural waves only.

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