Philips Multi-Styler Salon Stylist HP4696

Here I am with another review. This time, I will review Philips 6-in-1 hair styler with model number HP4696.

Philips Multi-Styler Salon Stylist HP4696

I always wanted to buy one as it gives you the comfort of styling your hair anytime and anywhere. This one is a handy styler with a nice carrying pouch (black in color) with pockets to hold the different attachments in it.

carrying pouch

It says 6-in-1 but has 4 different attachments:
1.  Hair crimping plate.
2.  Hair pressing/straightening plate.
3.  Large curling tong.
4.  Slide-on spiral attachment.
5.  If you use it without attachments, then you can use it for small tight curls.
6. Two hair clips.


I have used it do big curls and small curls and I loved them both and also got compliments for the hair styling from my friends. The hair straightener also does a nice job. I have straight and silky hair, but still it gave me excellent tight curls! (I loved it) :woot:

cooling tip


I will say for the price which you pay, it gives you a very good quality product and lives up to it’s name and it’s among the “will-last-forever” kind of things.



Rs. 1995 (but it’s available with discounted price online).  Well, it’s a very reasonable price as you get a device which can do multiple hair-do’s.

how to style hair


    • It comes with a cool tip which makes it comfortable to hold on to your styler when you are trying to do curls.
    • It has a swivel cord (means the power cord rotates at the point which it is attached to the wand), which cuts off the chances of wire entanglement. I loved this feature because when I use to do curls with a normal curler, the wire used to curl around the wand, which was a waste of time).

swivel cord

  • Cord length is 1.8 m which is good enough. So, it gives you the comfort of sitting down in front of the mirror and doing your hair style.
  • It has a sliding on-off button along with a power indicator light (mine is a green one).
  • locking-unlocking attachments

  • Comes with 2-year guarantee from the date of purchase.
  • guarantee

  • Heat-up time taken is approximately 2 minutes.
  • It has a good quality ceramic coating on plates and curler which makes it extra smooth on your hairs.
  • It heats up to a pretty high temperature. It says 80 degree Celsius, but I think it goes higher than that because it gets really hot.
  • It can be used on slightly damp hair, but then you will have to hold it for a little longer to make sure hair gets dry and takes the desired style.
  • For holding the different attachments, it has the feature of locking and unlocking which ensures that it is attached properly.
  • crimping and straightening plate

  • The plastic has excellent insulating power and doesn’t let the heat to transit anywhere else.


Missing Features:

  • No temperature display+controller.
  • No auto-cut or thermo-cut feature (but I can live with it as I use the on-off if I feel it’s too hot).

It’s all-in-one hair styler, which cuts the need of buying separate hair styling equipment.  The attachments which you get with it are the one which are used for basic-to-stylish hair styling in salons. Also, a money saver because nowadays just straightening your hair at the salon costs around 300-400 rupees.  I agree using it all by yourself will be a little time consuming and tiring, but it gives you the opportunity of playing with your looks and developing your own way of styling your hair.

I’m totally in love with this styler. I feel like it’s one of my smart and economical buy 😉

Do I Recommend Philips HP4696/22 6-In-1 Hair Styler?

Of course yes, its a must-have product.

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59 thoughts on “Philips Multi-Styler Salon Stylist HP4696

  1. Wowww..such an awesome detailed review Amita!!! Loved it..I also have philips hair straigtner and curling iron and i too have the same complain…they dont provide any temperature control…Excellent review!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  2. Amita, thanks for the review, I have a philips straightener and I am very happy with it….this one has a crimper too :woot: :woot:

    1. Hi jomol…yes I love the crimper too…not much people use it…so when I do crimps everyone ask me what it’s called :yahoo: :specs: :tongue: :happydance:

  3. Nice Review Amita.. I think people who have not picked up hair straightner or curler can pick this one as its a good buy as u said.. :yes:

  4. nice detailed review 🙂
    i own philips straightner n LOVEEEEE it. hav been wantin to buy a curling iron too.
    btw, what is that spiral attachment for?

    1. It’s for making curls/bangs….it kind of automatically divides the hairs in diff section…same as a normal curler but diff section/partions on it…doesn’t let the hairs to over lap as well 🙂

  5. oohh me have this! I have only tried the straightner wch is decent…..but my hair is like a dog’s tail… goes back into its original form withing a couple of hours :/ ….actually can anyone suggest a spray or something that will help retain the straightening????

    Great dtailed review with very good pics BTW…

    1. Hmmmm….that depends on hair type too and yes using a hair spray will help…I have a bit silky/smooth hair and they hold in the hair style nicely without any spray….try to heat it for 5 mins or so and then try it as I do it that way coz it gets quite hot by then+spray little water too 😉

    2. oriflame has a good hair spray nt sure if it will work on u…. tresemme is the one bt m nt sure if u get it here in India… its readily available in the US!! Dogs tail joke … ur too funny :lol2:

    1. Yes….and it’s really easy to use….before you buy it will recommend you watch few hair styling video’s and you will have a fair idea about how to use it…that’s what I did before buying it and gained the confidence as I was a novice too when I bought it 🙂

  6. thanks for this review. we all get bored na of our hair so soon so something like this is perfect :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: . i can never think of straightening my hair or perming it cos i’ll be bored looking into the mirror and seeing the same thing for the next few months + i keep playing with my hair all the time..round and round my fingers :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

    1. Lol… right….it’s a good change to style your hairs differently…when I get bored I take time out on weekends and that style lasts for a week(curls and crimps) with few touchups in-between…and if you nourish your hairs properly every time before washing they won’t get much effected by it… :yahoo: :dance: :dance: :happydance:

  7. Amita even i want tis one to curl my hair :puchhi: :puchhi: :whistle: its high time my hair in same style :waiting: :waiting: thnkuuuu fr the review

  8. :yahoo: :yahoo: I have this I have this

    product features review agreed but one point to be added

    I have thick hair and 2 mins heat is not sufficient for proper styling. I usually leave it for 10 mins to heat fully before using

    1. We you might be right coz mine are lil thin type hairs :shy: :jiggy1: again depends upon the Hair type…and as I said the more time you give to heat up more hotter it gets 😉 😉

  9. wow…10 minutes to heat 😯 😯 actually, my straightener heats up and performs well with 30 to 40 seconds of heat :shy:

  10. luved reading ur revu … :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho:
    i am really tempted to buy this 1 … really means really :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: …. need to now start saving for this… wud pick it up next mnth… plzzzz :worship: :worship: :worship:

  11. wooow what a coinsidence. i just bought this not too long ago ..well my mother bought this for me …. but since i dont use heat on my hair at all .. maybe 5 times ayear.. i told her to return it… now i will make sure that she is going to return it and not keep it for herself. thank you hun

  12. AMita I have one curling iron which I am learning to use these days.I guess I will progress to this one after I am comfortable using curling irons Thanks for the review. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  13. awsme revew.wish u cld share sme pics f stylng wd us.wld gve us btr idea.i alrdy hve straightnr frm salon shne range. LOVE IT A LOT ! Me planng 2 buy curler rod. .dnt lyk crimpng. .luks vry 90’s types. .lyk raveena tondon used dat style al d tym 😛

  14. Amie !!!! ….. love u fr reviewing this . :teddy: … its such a great product fr the price…. :happydance: its got everything u need to style ur hair :haanji: …..will hv to buy this fr sure …… need to do savings fr this 😆

  15. hi, please some one rply. which is best philips HP4671 or Airstyler
    Dynamic Volume Brush, Ceramic(philips). I have wavy/curly frizzy hair. which one is useful for both strg, crul and volum? Thanks in advance 🙂

  16. Hey,
    I got his styler yesterday but im confused!
    In the attachment which is supposed to be the crimping/straightening plates, I can see only the crimpling plates (zig-zag plates). Where are the flat iron plates????!!
    Please help me out!

  17. Hey awsome review. I am planning to buy a curler. There is no description in the post regarding the diameter of the curler. Can you please tell abt the its diameter?????

  18. I have also bought this styler after reading ur review. I have also watched many youtube styling videos. But it doesnt work on my hair. my hair is very thick and bushy. After shampoo it becomes even more unmanagable.I have tried straightning my hair then curling it. But neither straightner nor the curler gives me desired results.I am feeling very disappointed.Please help me.Shoud I wet my hair a little bit before using it?

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