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Hello IMBBians,

I like to invest in hairstyling tools. There are several tools available in the market and I recently picked up Philips ProCare Airstyler HP 8656/00. So, today’s review is about the same. Read on to know more.

Philips ProCare Airstyler HP865600 Review

Price: $58
Product Description:
• All-round talent – dry, smooth or curl your hair -EHD technology – distributes heat evenly and prevents damaging hot spots -Ion conditioning for shiny, frizz-free hair
• Dry and style at once: The new Philips ProCare Styler allows to create beautiful natural styles whilst providing maximum care for your hair.
• More Care with ion conditioning for shiny, frizz-free hair Ionic conditioning enables anti-static drying. Charged negative ions eliminate static hair, condition the hair and smooth down the hair cuticles to intensify the hair’s shine and glossiness. The result is smooth and frizz-free hair that shines beautifully.
• Thermal Protect for a Great Results in less time
• Ionic function for perfect shine and against the anti-frizz effect
• 5 attachments for individual looks + an innovative Volumizer & Paddle Brush
• Even heat technology (EHD) for uniform heat distribution and protection against overheating
• Box contents: 1x HP8656/00 Pro Care Collection airstyler, 1 x Paddle Brush Ausfsatz, 1x volume rockers, microphone attachment, 1 x Narrow nozzle thermal brush, 1x Brush with retractable hair brush rows, 1x bag

Philips ProCare Airstyler HP865600 Claims

My Experience with Philips ProCare Airstyler HP8656/00:

The Airstyler comes in a cardboard box and all the attachments are placed correctly inside the box. One of the main reasons for me to pick this product is that I do not like straighteners. Since I have wavy hair I thought that this styler could provide me with some definition when I want to plait my hair or create a different style. There are a total of 5 attachments and 1 Airstyler. There is also a bag to carry these. The nylon bag is pretty big and you can put all the attachments.

Philips ProCare Airstyler HP865600 Packaging

The Airstyler is purple in color and has a beautiful design on it. The purple is shiny and gives it a classy design. The product is corded and the length of the cord is pretty long. On the wand, there are 3 settings for airflow. There is also a button on the top which is used to eject the heads. The Airstyler can be held perfectly and the design is pretty good.

The 3 airflows are:
Blue Wave:
For a gentle cool airflow for fixing your hair. This provides a cool breeze of air and I use this setting often as it is cool breeze.
Thermo Protect setting for gentle drying and prevention from overheating. It provides a warm breeze and allows for even distribution of hair and doesn’t increase the heat flow.
Red Wave:
Strong and warm airflow for fast drying and styling. I usually use this the least as the air is a bit warm and I am a bit concerned it may damage my hair.

Philips ProCare Airstyler HP865600 Brush

The 5 attachments are as follows:
Paddle Brush:
The paddle brush is wide and can be used for straightening. This is not a straightener but helps to make the hair a little straight. This would work best if you have naturally straight or wavy hair. But if you have curly hair, this one won’t do much justice. It helps in reducing frizz and also adds a shine to the hair. It also makes hair smoother.
Root Volumizer:
This is made of plastic and is used to increase the volume at the roots. All you have to do is push the hair from the roots and it creates a root push effect, creating an illusion of fuller hair. You need to fix it with a hairspray.

Philips ProCare Airstyler HP865600 Control Buttons

The thermobrush looks like a brush you use for creating volume. The brush is ceramic and it evenly distributes the heat. The brush can be used to create inward and outward curls.
Retractable Bristle Brush:
The retractable brush is used for loose curls. The product heats up well and works both as a styler and a curler.
This narrow concentrator is used for focused airflow. The air flows only to specific areas. It is great for short hair and also for touch-ups. The product doesn’t cause damage.

Philips ProCare Airstyler HP865600 Paddle Brush

The airflow is great but it does make a lot of sound. The thermo brush and retractable brush have plastic tips and prevent your hands from burning. The usage is great and the styles last for long. You need to fix with a hairspray to keep the styles longer.

Philips ProCare Airstyler HP865600 Curler

The styling product has to be used on towel-dried hair. The product creates frizz-free hair and the damage caused is minimum. The product also smoothens the hair and adds a little shine. It also has even heat distribution technology. Overall, it is a great product and I absolutely love it.

Philips ProCare Airstyler HP865600 Accessories

Pros of Philips ProCare Airstyler HP8656/00:

• Even heat distribution technology.
• Minimizes the damage.
• 5 attachments for easy styling.
• Can be used to create straight hair and loose curls.
• The tips are made of plastic to prevent burning of hands.
• 3 heat settings.
• Adds shine and makes hair frizz-free.
• Smoothens the hair.

Cons of Philips ProCare Airstyler HP8656/00:

• Expensive.
• Makes a lot of noise.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Philips ProCare Airstyler HP8656/00?
Yes to both!

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