Philips Salon Dry Active Ion Hair Dryer Review

Philips Salon Dry Active Ion Hair Dryer

Philips HP4935 Hair Dryer

Features :

  • Cool Shot
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Swivel Cord
  • Ion Conditioning
  • Hanging Loop
  • Handle Lock System for Easy Storage

Model No : HP4935

Model No Along with the Hair Straightener : HP8299

I bought a straightener + dryer combo and both together cost me Rs 2600 approx from HERE 

My Experience : Until recently I was using some no brand hair dryer. I decided to pick up a new hair dryer a few days back. Since I have had a super experience with Philips Hair Straightener, I decided to go for a dryer from Philips only. Plus it’s the negative ions technology that made the Philips straightener special , the dryer has the same technology. This stuff is amazing.

  • The ceramic black coating with pretty pink polka dots make it look sooo sexy.
  • It comes with a nozzle attachment if you want to use it for concentrated heat while styling your hair .
  • Has cool , warm and hot settings. The days whenI am not in a hurry, I just dry my hair with cool settings.
  • If the appliance overheats, it switches off automatically.
  • You can also adjust the airflow – I for drying short hair and II for drying / styling long hair
  • Has negative ions technology that adds shine to the hair and also reduced frizz.
  • You can even hang it to save space.
  • Comes with a pretty long chord.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.
Overall, I am super happy with this hair dryer. I’d review the straightener also in a few days. Totally worth the money. It holds true to its name. Your hair do look salon (blow) dried.  🙂
Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 5/5

philips salon dry active ion hair dryer review

philips salon dry active ion hair dryer

left- heat flow settings, right airflow settings

Philips HP4935 Hair Dryer and Philips HP8315 Hair Straightener

This is my today’s blow dired hair (almost after 4 hours of blow drying) . I was in a super hurry so this is just a 10 minute dry on high settings.  I love how it does not make my hair frizzy and adds so much shine.

rati hair

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44 thoughts on “Philips Salon Dry Active Ion Hair Dryer Review

  1. Ratiiii u look sooo pretty just like a model!! 🙂 I love ur hair. I LOVE ur hair. I LOOVVVEEEE ur hair…(yeah, I copied that blatantly from Sanjeevji’s blurrrredd remark 😛 )
    I am sooo purchasing this dryer. I was actually eyeing it but waiting for someone to review it on IMBB 🙂
    Rati, how r u now? hope u r feeling fit n fine n back to normal 🙂

    1. hihih you up till so late. 😀 yesh I am feeling the best today since last so many days. 🙂 Thankoo. You should totally get it. It’s aweosome. :)) I am in a super review mode these days. 😛 Might write on Fauxpi also tomorrow. 😀 how are you doing? 🙂

      1. Me doing fine 🙂 Haan, slept like a dead horse for 3 hrs in the afternoon n not feeling sleepy now! I was actually checking out some zumba videos for tomo 😀
        Ohhh good hope u write on Faux Pas tomo. Me looking fwd to it already. I’ve missed ur posts there!
        Goodnight, sleep tight 🙂

  2. I have the straightener from this range…used to love it…but not using now as i permanently straightened my hairs..will pick this up when straightening goes…my natural hairs are damn frizzy..!!

  3. i wanted to buy one but when ever i end up buying my mind changed to other dryer … this so nice one … ill surely go for this one .. thanks rati.. 🙂

  4. The combi is super. Your hair is awesome and plus the photos have come out well. Rati, will this do for super dry and frizzy hair. And how often do you blow dry. Thanks

  5. The blow dryer looks amazing! i love the feel of the hair after a cool blow dry…i had tried my friend’s philips dryer last month and have been craving for it ever since!
    you look like a cutie pie in the last pic <3

  6. will you teach me how to do a pout like that? hihi…
    i was telling neha the other day i am so scared to use hot tools on my hair, they are already so frizzy….but youe suppppper awesome hair is tempting me 😛

    1. hihihi you have the option of cool settings and with the kind of winters you get here in Delhi, you cannot do without a hair dryer. You’d end up catching cold every now and then 😛

  7. Ratttiiiiii you looking as cute as a muffin….lol..dnt mind cozci love muffins…i jus wantd to knw will this wrk for long curly hair?

  8. I looooovvvveeee ur hair… Me too have a no brand hair dryer but i have no
    idea how to use it Can u plz do a step wise tutorial so that it become
    easy for me ????
    I jus want to ask u did u ever get straightening
    or u always blow dry at home ??? I never saw ur hair messy or unmanageable ???
    How come u manage ur hair daily ????

  9. Your hair look nice Rati…. I so much love straight, frizz free, manageable hair and I so much hate my curly/wavy fizzy and moody hair… I can’t wear them witout styling…. And styling takes long time…. Btw Your review reminded me that i have Philips blow dryer with me which I bought last year and then kept it packed some where so safe that I can’t find it now 🙂

    Hope to take mr husbands help and find it super soon as you tempted me to use it 🙂 as of now my Conair rotating hot air brush is working for me but that takes good 30 minutes to dry my hair!!

  10. Oooh, I LOVE Philips Salon Range of hair products! I had their travel-sized dryer earlier but recently bought this one. I wouldn’t care even if it was an average product (which it really isn’t) because it’s just so pretty! 😀

    And your hair looks SO gorgeous. Did you get a new haircut? Or has your hair just grown longer in order to look more awesome? 😛

  11. hehee Rati.. your hairdrying seems to be amazing..and i like you.. when you wear reddish colors…you know what…even i got a hair dryer but as a diwali gift from my mausi.. :-).. saw your review today on a hairdryer.. strange coincidence!!!!

  12. Hehe.. Same pinch.. I bought my hair dryer frm flipkart too.. Its a salon dry compact.. Forgotten the exact model no.. Love my hair dryer too.. 3 -4 mins with the dryer n im sorted 😀 😀

  13. i love my philips salon dryer n straightener as well…i think both together set me back by 4k after discount…..i only wish mine had the cute paint ur’s has-or does mine have it too- hmm haven’t noticed neways….

  14. Yayyyy!!! I also philips ka hair dryer.. Mine is pink and purple. I rarely use it but. Just trying to preserve the flora and fauna on my head. 😛

  15. Looks like a great hair dryer, thanks for sharing! I own a professional one too, though it’s a Karmin G3, but it’s really fast at drying.

  16. I’ve got the very same kit. While the straightener is fantastic, I can’t use the blow dryer ’cause the fuse of my plug point went off, the last time I used it. I feel so deprived right now ’cause I have a pretty awesome blow dryer sitting on my closet and I can’t even use it!!!!!!! :'( :'(Any suggestions people?? 🙂

  17. Hi,
    I am looking for a hair dryer within reasonable price and even looking to blow dry my curly hair with it. Could you please suggest some good ones which have cool settings in it. To blow dry the curly hair how much of watts should the hair dryer be so that it straightens and make style with it. I do have a CHI straightener but I think blow dryer will serve the purpose of straightening fast.
    I have seen few of philips and panasonic 600watts to 1600watts dryers. Does 600watts serve the purpose of straightening.

    1. rati..i wanted to know if u use any heat protectant or anything b4 blow drying ur hair on a daily basis..
      m thinkin of purchasin it..but just wanted to make sure..
      n btw u hair luks amazing 🙂 hope to get the same results on mine soon 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Hey guys,

    I’m keep looking for this product through online but it’s out of stock every where… Pl suggest me where to find it? At least the dryer ?

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