Philips Satinelle Wet and Dry Advanced Epilator BRE210/00 Review

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Hi ladies,

I am over the moon for this review. I have been dreaming of buying an epilator for ages now. But, somehow I never gathered the courage to do so. My sister had to once return her Braun epilator as she found the pain unbearable. But thanks to IMBB for giving me a chance to buy this epilator. I am so happy with this purchase. I have to share this immediately so that all of you who have been waiting to invest in an epilator can do so without any second thoughts. Take a look:


Price: INR 5995
I bought it for Rs.4165 Online. The prices keep on fluctuating online. Chances are that this will be cheaper now.
Product Description:
Removes 4x shorter hairs than wax (0.5 mm) at the root.
Can be used in the bath or under the shower and washable epilation head for extra hygiene and easy cleaning
Profiled, ergonomic grip for comfortable handling
Cleaning brush to remove loose hairs from epilator discs
The epilation discs remove 4x shorter hairs than wax (0,5 mm) at the root. No need to wait until the next waxing session.
As your skin needs protection while removing hair, this epilator head features round, gentle tweezing discs.
Small areas to reach? Armpits, bikini areas? Use the sensitive area cap to gently remove the hair from your sensitive areas with ease. Get smooth skin up to the tiniest detail
Being cordless and fully waterproof, this epilator can be used in the bath or under the shower for perfect convenience.
This epilator has a washable epilation head.
The head can be detached and cleaned under running water for better hygiene
The rounded shape fits perfectly in your hand for comfortable hair removal
Small cleaning brush to remove loose hairs from the epilator discs
Versatile, the epilation head can be replaced with a shaving head for a quick and easy on-the-go shave
An innovative feature designed to tighten the skin for a more gentle epilation.



My Experience with Philips Satinelle Wet and Dry Advanced Epilator BRE210/00:

Girls, I have no idea why I waited for so long to buy an epilator. I have been wanting to own since time immemorial. 😛 I have been waxing for the past 12 years. You can imagine how less my hair growth would have gotten in the process. Initially, as a teenager, when you start waxing you may have dark coarse hair. Removing underarm hairs might give you nightmares. But do not resort to shaving. Start waxing at the parlour and be consistent. You might need to wax once a month but do it so that the hair is softer and less spread out.


After years of waxing, I still always needed to go for a full arm and leg wax. I hated waxing my thigh area as it is so sensitive. I used to make the mistake of waiting for a full growth on the thighs. Due to this, the pain was intensified. Those nasty few hairs after ten days of waxing used to bother me to no end. Particularly underarm hairs, which used to be very sparse and very short. No wax strips used to work for me then. I hated to wait to go for an underarm wax session.


From the time this epilator came into my life, I have been thinking of quitting the parlour for waxing forever. I tried this after 11 days of waxing. Initially, I tried it on my lower leg. My lower leg has lesser growth due to years of waxing. I could hardly feel any pain; it was like a rough bristle brush was being rubbed against my skin. I was in awe of this product.


Next, I tried it on my elbow area where there is always some short ingrown hair around. There was a slight sensation but hardly any pain. Remember, this was after 11 days of waxing. After four days, that is 15 days of leg waxing, I tried this on my thighs in the shower. I used hot water to rinse once and then I tried this in short bursts. Always try using on smaller areas and stop, this way your skin gets used to the sensitivity. Once I felt the harder hairs were gone, I went over the entire leg once more. With hardly any pain, I managed to get the smoothest legs with this epilator.


For underarms, I used short bursts instead of a continuous motion. I was the happiest with this epilator for my underarms. Short hair came off from the root with ease. Sorry to say, I tried a bit on the bikini line, but I could not gather much courage for it. I would still prefer waxing for the bikini line, so the hair can come off in one go. I even used it on my knuckles and toes where you have just a couple of hair.


If you can tolerate the pain of waxing on full growth of hair on legs, arms and underarms, you can surely try this on short hair. You should never ever use it on full growth of hair. Try shaving three days prior to using this if you wish. Personally, I am planning to use it every 7-10 days. For me, using it in the shower for my thighs was easier. For the lower legs and for arms, I find dry epilating to be easier. In the shower, the water sometimes makes the gliding a little bumpy.


The accessories included are the shaving head which can be used for bikini line too. You can wash the shaving and epilating heads and let them dry before storing in the bag provided. The sensitive cap is for places where you have thicker hair, so only few hairs are plucked at one go. The attachment which is meant for stretching the skin is nothing great. You can use it for the skin under the epilator to bulge when you glide the epilator. I hardly use it and I am happy with the way this epilator is. There was no sensitivity or much redness with it. Waxing is more irritating for me when I need to wait for growth. Instead, epilating little short hair is easier. Full legs will take you 30-40 minutes to epilate and 30 minutes for arms and underarms. It is worth your time.



⦁ Skin should be free of creams or oils when you use it
⦁ Charge for 60 minutes as it easily will last you 30-40 minutes of epilating
⦁ Pull skin taut for knees, elbows and behind the knees
⦁ You can even use it on tiny chin hair if you bleach them otherwise
⦁ Dust some baby powder for dry epilation
⦁ Combine it with your waxing sessions, for all you know, you might delay waxing eternally if you use this every ten days or so according to when your hair grow back
⦁ Moisturise nicely after usage
⦁ Do not share your epilator
⦁ For ingrown hair, scrub or use a scrub mitten in the shower a day before
⦁ If you have low pain tolerance, then try it on small sections, one section a day
⦁ Never use this on full growth or lot of hair at one go


Pros of Philips Satinelle Wet and Dry Advanced Epilator BRE210/00:

⦁ Two speed settings
⦁ Wet usage to ease pain in the shower
⦁ Works nicely on very short hair (especially underarms)
⦁ Makes you never want to wax again, if you are regular with this
⦁ Amazing if you have that sudden party where you want to wear a short dress
⦁ It has never pinched my skin till now
⦁ Can be easily washed and stored
⦁ Shaving head is very useful for the bikini line

Cons of Philips Satinelle Wet and Dry Advanced Epilator BRE210/00:

⦁ No light provided
⦁ I tend to sweat on my palms which makes this slip off
⦁ Two speed settings hardly make a difference for me
⦁ The skin stretching attachment is not indispensable
⦁ I am unable to use this for the bikini line, would still prefer to wax that area
⦁ Expensive

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Philips Satinelle Wet and Dry Advanced Epilator BRE210/00?
For sure yes! This is a very good epilator to own. You can also start with a dry or corded epilator if you do not wish to invest much. If you can tolerate waxing, you can use this for sure with hardly any pain.

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