Philosophy Pure Grace Spray Fragrance Review

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Philosophy Pure Grace Spray Fragrance Review

Anyway, let’s move on to today’s review. I think this is my first product from this brand and it is a spray perfume. I know I am moody as some days are just about lipsticks while other days can be all  about perfumes; this time, it was a perfume shopping spree for me. So, let’s read more about the Philosophy Pure Grace Spray Fragrance!

$18 for 0.5 Fl Oz, excludes shipping and taxes

Product Description:
Pure. Crisp. Clean. Philosophy’s Pure Grace Spray represents clean, modern simplicity. It is a universal scent that will change the way you feel about fragrance. Pure, crisp and infinitely clean, the fragrance opens with a veil of water lily for subtle freshness. The heart has the simple, modern tones of leafy greens and lasting frosted musk brings for a clean, modern finish. Infinitely clean and universal fragrance. Fresh and simple scent. Feel like you just stepped out of the shower. Change your mood by changing your fragrance.

Alcohol Denat., Parfum/Fragrance, Aqua/Water/Eau, Benzophenone-3, Benzyl Salicylate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Hydroxycitronellal, Limonene, Linalool.

My Experience with Philosophy Pure Grace Spray Fragrance:

The perfume comes in a simple yet elegant transparent glass bottle packaging with a silver spray pump and a silver cap. I totally adore its simple, neat & clean packaging; it is completely travel-friendly and child-friendly as the glass is pretty sturdy.

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Honestly, when I first sniffed it, I was taken aback by its slightly strong alcohol smell. But, I did realize my mistake and spritz it on my pulse point and voila it smelled amazing. However, it is certainly not one of those charming floral fragrances which I long for; it has a slightly soapy water like smell which is so close to my dryer sheets. I say so because the smell is so mild and light on my skin that the fragrance of my freshly washed clothes overpowers this perfume’s fragrance.


And I can never detect if it’s the perfume or my fabric, the biggest irony! Anyway, as soon as I spray on the perfume (keeping aside the alcohol smell) I sense a crisp, clean and floral lily notes at first and it lingers on for few considerable hours. Then, it fades into bit deeper musky notes within 2-3 hours, thereby simply lingering around me like a natural body scent. But, I never feel connected to this smell, somehow; I find it too boring and grown up for my taste.

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Although it is a summer appropriate fragrance with mild sweet floral notes, it lacks that zing or “wow” factor; I don’t think I would relate myself with this fragrance anyway. I am still fine with its light sweet scent except the fact that it almost loses its identity with certain fabrics like I mentioned earlier too. In fact, I feel that this smell is more appropriate for senior citizens who love the refreshing, clean and muted floral musky notes with maturity. It is certainly not for youngsters or younger souls who want to feel energetic and playful swaying with the spring-summer theme.


I feel like an old, wise lady whenever I spray it on; guess what, I am going to gift it to my mom and MIL as they will love it for sure. I can imagine my mom sporting elegant cotton sarees and carrying this perfume gracefully while my MIL getting all decked up in a modern crepe saree with sheer smartness and maturity. So gals, Mother’s Day is already upon us and if you are still clueless, then gift this spray fragrance to your mom; it is simple, clean, refreshing just like our moms.

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Philosophy Pure Grace Spray Fragrance:

• A clean, refreshing and delicate perfume with subtle floral and musky notes
• Does not irritate the skin
• Lingers on for hours
• Starts with a nice captivating lily scent
• Suitable for old, wise and aged beauties
• Does not seem overpowering or bothering to sensitive noses
• Quite clean, user-friendly and travel-friendly packaging

Cons of Philosophy Pure Grace Spray Fragrance:

• Can be way too blunt or off for younger beauties
• Almost resembles most of the fabric detergents
• Needs generous touch-ups
• Quite pricey

Well, I might get it again for my mom or MIL, but it is certainly not for me. I genuinely feel that most of the cons mentioned can be pros for matured and aged aunties because my mom and MIL usually wear such mature and mild perfumes.

IMBB Rating:

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    Nicely reviewed and the title of mini review is so cute n funny 😛

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