Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Serum is the Holy Grail of Serums

Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Serum Review

Hello friends ….I am here with a review of one of my favorite serums from Philosophy….When Hope Is Not Enough Serum.

I first got to know about Philosophy products when I had received the Purity made Simple facewash as a sample at Sephora. I had a big acne flare up at that time and the sales assistant insisted I try the facewash. Though I was really hesitant to use it , the face wash was a blessing in disguise.

Philosophy_When Hope Is Not Enough

Soon Philosophy brand became my go to brand whenever I find my skin acting up…though mostly it would be because of me as I keep changing face products very frequently 🙁  So it was very natural that I picked up one of the very popular serum from Philosophy and now it has become my holy grail serum. Whenever I try any new serum I compare it by default against the Philosophy serum.


The serum comes in a dark glass bottle so that the active ingredients in serum do not degrade. However you can still see how much content of serum is available as it has some transparency. It has a dropper, which is very good and sturdy and dispenses just the right amount you would need to use. The serum is watery and very light and almost fragrance less.


1.0 oz (30 ml) is priced at $43.


Philosophy_When Hope Is Not Enough


Philosophy_When Hope Is Not Enough

My Experience with Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough Serum:

As the serum is very light weight , within few minutes I find the entire serum to be absorbed in my skin. After applying the serum I do not find that my skin is getting stretchy. Owing to my dry skin I do have to layer some face cream on top of this serum. However the serum does not interfere with my cream at all and it allows it to blend very well. The serum though appears a little sticky while applying, it does not leave any sheen or oiliness, which I really like.

I generally use 5 – 6 drops on my face and few more if I am using it on my neck region too. However I avoid the eye area for this serum as it is strictly advised against it. I find this serum useful both for day and night use and also during summers and winters.

Philosophy_When Hope Is Not Enough

The serum is packed with all facial-firming elements of peptides, vitamin C and E. This also contains soy so if you have an allergy to soy you should be careful please. I have noted that my skin feels very even and looks better. Even if I do get acne I can use this serum without causing any additional flare up. One thing I did notice is that my skin becomes more sensitive to sun while using this serum. So using sunscreen is mandatory. The serum does not contain any skin irritants like parabens, sulfates or dyes. So even sensitive skin could try this serum easily.

In the directions to use it mentions that using this serum with turbo booster C powder will make it more effective. I have not used it yet however I find the serum quite effective on its own. My skin feels hydrated and naturally beautiful.

Philosophy_When Hope Is Not Enough

Philosophy_When Hope Is Not Enough

Pros of Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough Serum:

  • Very light weight serum which gets completely absorbed in the skin.
  • Suitable for day and night use.
  • Useful in all weather conditions.
  • Can be layered with face creams without causing any greasiness.
  • Does not contain parabens, sulfates or dyes.
  • Can be used by all skin tone types including sensitive skin.
  • Skin texture feels very improved with constant usage.
  • Small amount is required to blend on to skin.
  • Fragrance free serum.
  • Packaging is very good and simple.

Cons of Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough Serum:

  • Using sunscreen with this serum is mandatory (on side note, using sunscreen in skin care is always advisable generally 🙂 )
  • Price (but it provides loads of benefits comparatively)
  • Contains soy hence incase of soy allergy kindly avoid.

IMBB Rating:

4.5 out of 5. This is my very favorite serum and the only flaw would be the price.

Would I repurchase/recommend Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough Serum?

I have already gone through 2 bottles of this serum and I would continue to use it. It is my holy grail serum. I am yet to find any serum, which would beat this one. The only thing that I am yet to try is to use it with turbo C powder and see its impact.

I highly recommend you to try this serum as I am sure it would be really beneficial in your skincare routine too 🙂

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  1. Wow Alaka… I hav been eyeing this serum for long….philosophy is just like true philosophy of life..purity….. Hope… Miracle… When hope is not enough…. Like the names

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