How To Pick the Right Footwear For the Day?

How To Pick the Right Footwear For the Day?

I love shoes of all kinds, regardless of their type, height, material or brand. I like them all, be it flats, stilettos, wedges or something else. These tips will help you a daily basis so that you are never unprepared.

Here are few quick tips to help you decide what you’re going to wear for the day:

• Based on the venue/place:

How to pick footwear

Always choose your shoes according to the place. Suppose you’re going out to a wedding reception and it is out in the open, I will suggest wearing flats or wedges, otherwise, you will end up ruining your shoes with the heel getting stuck in the mud every now and then. If you still decide that you have to wear a heel, go for the broader, squarish platform ones. If there is a thick carpet involved, then mind your steps especially if you’re wearing stilettos.

• Based on the weather:


This is very important because no matter what kind of footwear you like, the bottom line is that you liked them enough to buy them. If you think it might rain, wear something sensible. You can wear a flip-flop or shoes made of PVC or some other synthetic material. If you’re going to be out in the sun, wear something which covers your feet that way you’ll have less tanning or burning sensation. In winter, avoid flip-flops or slippers and wear pumps or boots and you will feel warmer and less of cracked heel.

• Based on the amount of time you’ll be standing up:


If you are going to spend on your day standing up, go for flats or minimal heels. If you are planning to wear heels, wear the ones with substantial width so that your weight is comfortably distributed. I personally prefer Dr. Scholl’s shoes for such a purpose, but my elder sister constantly reminds me I am not 60, so I should quit acting like this and I don’t pay attention! You should have at least one such shoe from whichever brand you prefer, which has a thick foam based sole and you can even get wedges of considerable height in some of the brands.

• Based on the surface you’ll be walking upon:

This is a lot similar to knowing the venue. Now, you might be going off to a party and it is indoors, but you will have to walk on the pavement before entering and it is made of cobbled stones. Your 10 cm heel might just get caught so pay attention where you place your feet and specially your heel. Inside, there is a very thick carpet which is again very deadly because you might lose your grip and end up falling.

I hope you find these tips useful.

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16 thoughts on “How To Pick the Right Footwear For the Day?

  1. I guess when it comes to shoes the first and foremost thing that I would want is comfort. I mean I wouldnt wear sports shoes with salwaar kameez but I am just not a shoes person. Very strange. I buy lot so f shoe sin one go in different colors and then keep changing them. then I buy another lot and keep alternating between them. It’s mostly never that i go OMG ! shoes. I want kinds. 😛 Once in a while I’d be like that but clothes, makeup, and bags excite me the most. 😀

    1. I love ’em all.I am ensuring I turn bankrupt one day :tremble:
      I just got a purple coloured bag and purple shoes and now all I need is one great dress to go with it :yahoo:
      Btw, I have noticed very few people are keen on shoes over here….very few posts :secret2:

  2. I saw this a ‘lil’ late. I bought the purple one from Chennai and I don’t remember any details about it but most of my other bags are from Mumbai….you even get original fakes of Chanel there :whistle: In shoes, I like nine west and aldo. I got the purple shoes online at half their price :yahoo:

  3. Nice article maansi! I can never have enough of shoes…. I need to have all the types possible… Hehehe .. But I’m still collecting to make my list complete… Ryt now mary janes are on my mind heheehe

  4. I always buy comfortable shoes & them match them to my clothes. I have a good mix of flats & heels……….I am obsessed with shoes!!!!
    Great article :waytogo:

  5. Good write up maansi .. me also shoe-fetish. specially heels.. but u rightly mentioned on where to select which type of heels.. depending on ocassion and place… :makeup: :makeup: :makeup:

  6. i m kinda footwear freak :preen:
    i hav a large collection n it getting loaded week by week :happydance:
    m crazy abt heels n platforms :joker: :joker: i just lob dm :waaa:

  7. The foremost thng i will look on a footwear will be its comfort, aftr that only i would check other points about themm :tongue: :tongue: .. Nice article.. Reminded me to use my new footwear brought for office use :dance: , bt i totally forgot it aftr the purchase :headbang: :headbang:

  8. hey nice article Maansi, and even nice is the shoe in the first pic..its so damn pretty!! i have been on a look out for a green one in that…

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