Pigments Eye Makeup Tutorial

Pigments Eye Makeup Tutorial

Pigments Eye Makeup Tutorial

I have read and heard often that many find it hard to work with pigments. Another thing I’ve read and heard equally often that many do not prefer shimmery eye shades because they may look over the top.  So, I thought I would do a look using shimmery pigments and hopefully show that they are not that hard to work with nor do they look like your eyes are glitter bombs. It’s the amount you pick up with your brush, the blending you do and the colors you combine that decides how subtle or dramatic your eye makeup ends up. So, let’s get the tutorial started and hope you guys like it!

Products Used:

Products Used

  • Faces Sparkle Dust in Rainbow (only 3 colors from this stack – Teal, Purple, Pink).
  • Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Quad (only the Highlighter color).
  • Florelle Kajal.
  • Lakme Insta Eye Liner.
  • Different brushes and applicators.

A close up of the 3 pigments used (it is really more of a teal/green shade, don’t know why it appears so blue).


When working with pigments, one may worry about fall-out. To minimise the fall out, pick up a tiny amount of the pigment with your brush and swirl your brush in the reversed lid of that pigment jar and tap the excess pigment. This way you can ensure that you pick up only a little amount with negligible fallout. It’s better to go back to pick up color than to put on too much and worry about removing some.


Step 1:


I applied foundation/concealer/primer only to the upper lid and not on the lower.  This way, if there is any fallout, I can brush it off before applying anything.

Step 2:

Teal Blue

I then applied the green/teal pigment over my eyelid, from the lash line to just below the crease. I had to go back twice more to get the required color. I always pick up very little amount of pigment.

Step 3:


With an angular brush, I then marked put the crease and created an outer “V” shape with the purple pigment.  I first concentrated on just placing the color, can always blend it later.

Step 4:


I then blended the purple out by picking up VERY little pink with a fluffy blending brush. Using a pink around the purple helped in merging the colors better. I blended ensuring that when I opened my eyes, the green would more visible on the eyelid and the pink/purple stayed on the crease area mostly.


 Step 5:

Pink and Teal

I then cleaned up under the eye with a concealer using a brush to create a sharp edge where the purple ends at the outer crease.

Step 6:


I took a thinner brush and picked up more of the pink pigment and placed it below the lower lash line and also took it sharply beside the purple/pink in the crease. I also applied a little amount on the inner corner.

Step 7:

Brow Bone

I applied a highlighter color on the brow bone ensuring to blend out any harsh lines above the crease created with the pink/purple. I then applied kajal in the waterlines and then went for eyeliner (I used liquid here).


I applied the eyeliner such that the VERY thin wing or flick is right in between the purple and the pink line I drew on.


I then drew the eye liner below the lower lash line ensuring that it was an extension of the flick/wing and I used my kajal pencil to fill in any gaps that were left between the black in the water line and the black of the adjacent eyeliner.


That is it! I was done.


The camera adds more shine to the makeup; from afar it doesn’t look very “shiny-shiny.” I love these pigments from Faces! Applying pigments has turned out to be easier than I originally thought it was and when using shimmery colors, I tend to use contrasting shades as the colors can cut into each other and the attention goes more to the different colors used than to all the shimmer.

I hope you ladies liked this look and that you give it or a variant of this a try soon! 😀

Happy Makeuping!

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39 thoughts on “Pigments Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. lovely tuti nafia…I have the faces bestsellar pigments stack but was very hestitant to try new looks…now with your tuti will try some looks… :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi:

  2. Awesome combo Nafisa and it looks equally beautiful on ur eyes too. :teddy:
    BTW Pigments do need some base to stick to right??? or can we use them directly in the powder form? :specs: i have a few of them but don’t know how to use them… :blush:

    1. Thanku Jyo! 🙂
      Pigments will work better with a base, but i don’t always use a base, these Faces pigments are pretty manageable without a base too 🙂

  3. have heard so much about these pgiments from faces and you have done your eye makeup so beautifully..i really feel this is an art and honestly I am not so good at it but still learning 🙂 looking forward to more such gorgeous tutorials from your side! thank you

    1. Thanku so much Parita! :)) I was horrible at it too but practice does make 1 better :yes: u will ge the hang of it soon too :yes:

  4. so my knida look and my kinda way and my kinda pigment stacks too 😛 he he he.
    i love faces pigments…they are soooooo sooooo beautiful in colour and texture…..great great great post dear….love all ur posts a lotttt!!!!!!! 🙂 keep it up!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Thanku Ckg!! :))
      I know!!! Even I’m in LOVE with these pigments from Faces, soooooo wish they bring out 1 in matte pigments! :drool:

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