Pink Glossy Eye Makeup, MAC Clear Lipglass,Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow S852 Neon Pink, S924 Purple

Hi Everyone, 🙂

I did glossy eyelids once again today. Guess I am a bit addicted to how crystal-like lids looks with just a bit of a gloss. Just two eyeshadows used today- pink and purple. Although I did a creative look but you could totally rock this eyeshadow look in real life- sans the gloss. I had a bit of fun with lip too. The upper lip is in dark shade and lower lip id a bit of ombre with dark purple and pink with a bit of gloss. I resisted pressing my lips. 😛 😛 But that’s what I love about creative makeup. It makes you have a bit of a laugh and have fun with makeup. plus it lets you explore the little fantasy land that is in your head. Hope you like it. 🙂







Products Used
Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit Reco: Clinique 01 Curvy Contour Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour
Burberry Cashmere Foundation Reco: Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
Gucci bronzer Reco:L’Oreal Paris Glam Bronze Powder Duo Brunette Harmony
Anastasia Beverly Hills Peach Highlighter Reco: Maybelline Facestudio Mauve Master Highlight Hi-Lighting Blush And Bronzer Review
Burberry Blush BlossomReco: Maybelline Facestudio Pink V-Face Blush Contour

Eyes :
MUFE Eyeshadows S852 Neon Pink, S924 Purple Reco : Makeup Revolution London Pink Is It! Mono Eyeshadow, Makeup Revolution London Purple Heaven Mono Eyeshadow
MUFE Eye Kohl White Reco: Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in White
MAC Clear Gloss
Estee Lauder Mascara

Lips :
Estee Lauder Lipstick Extrovert Reco: Revlon Lipstick Va Va Violet
Sugar Lipstick Mary Poppins
MAC Clear Lipglass

MAC Clear Lipglass Review (Price USD 16/ INR 1,000 approx) I thought it was an appropriate post to review this lipglass from MAC. The Clear Lipglass comes packed in this squeeze tube with slanted nozzle. Honestly, it’s like good old days kind of a gloss that is thick, sticky and moisturising. Considering how advance our new-gen lip glosses have become this one totally holds that old world charm. I don’t use it quite often because it is sticky as a sugar syrup but I love using it for my creative makeup looks. MAC recommends that you can use it anywhere on the face except eyes. Well, that’s where I love using it the most. 😛 And I have never had any issues using it on my lids. It has never irritated my eyes. And as time would pass, you would see me using more and more of it. The biggest benefit of a clear gloss is that when you apply it on top of a lipstick, it does not budge with your lip color. The sticky and thick texture gives it a very long lasting power and that’s the biggest benefit of it. Even if you use it on lids, it stays and does not go all over the place. The squeeze tube is easy to work with but sometimes when you open it, the gloss literally plops out and leads to a product wastage. The only trick with using this lipglass is to use less of it. If you use more, it would move and esp on lips, it could even trip. 😛 I would only suggest this to a makeup artist who does editorial / creative makeup looks. It gives that crystal glass like finish that I haven’t seen in any clear gloss so far.It is brilliant.  If you don’t mind a sticky gloss, go for it. But seriously I personally would not recommend it to a regular makeup user. You’d seriously hate me for recommending it. 😛 I love it for the purpose I use it. I just feel that the packaging could be better. Rating : 4/5mac-lipglass-review mac-lipglass-review-1 mac-lipglass-review-2

Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow S852 Neon Pink, Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow S924 Purple : The ‘S’ series of Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows belong to the Satin finish. I am reviewing two bright colors from the range that I have used quite a lot of past few weeks.

Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow S852 Neon Pink (Price USD 21 / Rs 1,400 approx) As the name suggests it is a beautiful neon pink eyeshadow. This color can also be used as a blush. It is a beautiful color especially if you wear Indian wear or like to do fun makeup every once in a while. Pair it with a gold and it makes for a beautiful Indian bridal eyeshadow color as well. It is one of the most long lasting eyeshadows I have ever used. I mean I always have to double cleanse my lids to get rid of the pigment on my eyes. It is very pigmented. But I am not a hugest fan of the texture. It is very soft and a bit crumbly but looks beautiful upon application. Because the eyeshadow has such a soft texture, there is quite a bit of fall out with this one. And now matter how much you tap off the excess, I find it really hard to control the texture with this one. It goes on really pigmented and smooth on the lids. And I feel with this one, patting and pressing the eyeshadow is the best technique. Once the crumbly bits fall off, you get that lovely satiny finish on the lids. Rating : 3.5/5make-up-for-ever-eyeshadow-s852-neon-pink-review

Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow S924 Purple (Price USD 21 / Rs 1,400 approx) This a true purple eyeshadow. Just a pretty neutral true shade of purple. I love how bright a shade of purple this is. I was expecting it to give a bang on purple color. But it is a very buildable eyeshadow rather than a very pigmented one. Sometimes I end up struggling a bit with it because I have to layer it on quite a bit to get its true color. You’d see in swatch below that it does not swatch that pigmented. I even scraped out the top of the eyeshadow a bit to see if I could get a deep pigment. In one way it is good because sometimes purple eyeshadows can make you look punched. So you can totally control the intensity of color depending on your liking. I am personally left a bit underwhelmed with the color payoff. It gives a lovely satiny finish to the eyes and looks very smooth and a bit iridescent. The satin finish eyeshadows blend within seconds like a dream. I mean the texture is such that even if you are not a pro with blending, it is hard to go wrong these these. Smooth a butter, two swipes and you are sorted.  But it leaves me wanting for more. Love the color but not the color payoff. Rating : 3/5
make-up-for-ever-eyeshadow-s924-purple-review Swatches : MAC Clear Gloss, MUFE Eyeshadow Neon Pink (crumbly), MUFE Eyeshadow Purple (sheer pigment)make-up-for-ever-eyeshadow-s924-purple-swatch


25 thoughts on “Pink Glossy Eye Makeup, MAC Clear Lipglass,Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow S852 Neon Pink, S924 Purple

  1. Woowww…u look soooo gorgeous…U should go to Paris more often…U ve become super creative since you have returned…Keep uup the good work 🙂

  2. That is Amazing! I actually thought that net was part of the makeup! Super creative! And your contour is on point Gurrl!

    Bummer that the shades don’t perform as well as they look – coz they look super stunning! I don’t know which brand – Dior or Givenchy – i was swatching through the quads and they had this similar texture – all the shades were pretty much crumbling when switched. It is difficult to get good quality mattes.

    1. thanks k. :)) Infact the mattes are so stunning from mufe. They are truely remarkable. But these two turned out to be weird. they have a satiny finish but not happy with so many other things…

  3. You look like a dreamy disney princess and just came out from the fairy tale.. bdw is it a hat or hair accessory? It looks so pretty on you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Wow!! You look like princess!!! And the makeup is simply out of the world, and I think only you can create something beautiful like this..

  5. wow…you look so beautiful..!! I’m totally speechless right now. I can’t take off my eyes from your pictures. Love those glossy eyes with ombre lips… 🙂

  6. Aww beautiful makeover with accessories, totally loved the glossy lids. Not sure how glossy lids actually luk off screen and about their longevity on skin but they came out picture perfect in pics <3 hatsoff how you share creative innovative ideas with perfection everytime <3 Awesome

    1. thank you neetu. They pretty much look the same except the gloss creases the eyeshadows and makes a bit of a mess. 😀 But it’s fun to keep trying something different always! 🙂 thank you 🙂

  7. Wow, you look so pretty! Truly like a pretty doll! Love your lip colour, truly you are an inspiration to us! I used to hesitate from being creative, just conscious. But no more, with all the makeup looks you have shared and inspired me! THANKS!

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