Pink with Rust and Purple Outfit Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

Pink with Rust and Purple Outfit Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi Ladies,


It’s been quite a while since I have been on here. I had an eye infection and the worst part was after it ended on one eye, it started on the other! I wash my brushes regularly and washed them all again and was not using anything on my eye when the first eye got infected, so when it happened on my second eye, I realized I never sanitize my eye pencils and sharpener. So, using some anti-bacterial wipes, I wiped everything I would use on my eye and I also threw out some pencils which I felt were too old. What was even more frustrating was that my eyes can’t handle any eye drops, they are just too sensitive, and all I could do was to use hot compression and wait it out. My eyes are better now, so I am celebrating by doing this look. My waterline is still a bit sensitive, so that is why I skipped my go-to heavy kohl lined look, but it was looking a bit too bare, so I used a light touch of brown. It really tones down the look; this is seriously something new for me. If you prefer a more intense look, then do opt for black.  Priyadarshini commented on a previous tutorial and mentioned she was looking for an eye makeup look for “a lehenga which is basically pink in color with dark purple velvet borders and gotta patti antique rust color work.” So this is my take on that. I hope you like it!

Products Used:

Makeup Products

Brushes Used:

  • ELF Professional Blending Brush to blend the colors, also add more color on top of wet eyeshadows.
  • ELF Studio Concealer Brush, a flat synthetic brush to use it wet with colors and also for the purple.
  • ELF Professional Concealer Brush; it is a smaller synthetic brush, to use wet for the gold liner.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

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Step 1:

Prime or apply concealer or foundation, if you need to even out the skin and make sure your eyeshadows last longer.

Step 2:

I first wet my flat synthetic brush with a spritz of MAC Fix+, to make the brush just moist, but not dripping wet and picked up rust color with it, applied it to the inner half of my eyelid and also along the lower lash line. Water works just fine too, Fix+ though has a texture that makes the eyeshadow adhere better to the skin. The reason I am using the color wet is to get the desired pigmentation.  If your color is heavily pigmented, you need not use it wet at all.

Step 3:

Taking a matte pink, I applied it on the outer upper lid.

Step 4:

Blend the colors well and also take a bit of pink above the rust, so that the crease is of uniform color.

Pink Eye Makeup

Step 5:

Taking just a hint of the rust color, blend out the crease color and add a light gold as a brow bone highlight.

Step 6:

I then applied purple on almost the entire lower lash line, just left a bit of rust showing in the inner corner.

Step 7:

Next,I used a precision brush; you can use a liner brush too and wet it. I picked up some bright gold color and applied it as a liner on the upper lash line. You can create the wing as dramatic as you prefer, I chose to go with a very basic, slight wing.

Step 8:

I then applied black liquid liner, much thinner than the gold. Then, I applied a brown pencil on the lower waterline and loads of mascara. I finished off by cleaning around the eye with some concealer and did my brows using a black powder and the look is done!

So, this is the completed look. I wanted to do a very basic, soft look.  You can always add more glitter to it if you prefer a heavy party look or use darker colors, more intense cat-eye liner etc. I used gold as a liner instead of sticking to a shade of rust, as the pink base would completely overshadow the rust, but the gold on top of such warm colors, stands out more.

Pink and Gold eye makeup

I hope you all liked this and especially Priyadarshini, I look forward to your feedback and so sorry for being late with this, I wanted to do this much sooner, but as I mentioned earlier, my eye infection rendered me helpless.

Until next time, happy Makeuping!

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20 thoughts on “Pink with Rust and Purple Outfit Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. you too? 😮 m having the infection now 🙁 i guess i have do throw away some make up stuff too :'( wonderfuuuuuuuul look nafisa! am in love with your eyes 🙂 <3

  2. Hey Nafisa,
    lovely eye makeup as always… and I hope you are doing good now.
    you reminded me that I should clean my eye pencils and sharpener today… and I will do it for sure

  3. Awww…get well soon Nafisa…..this one is so gorgeous….:) Use eyetone drops, its a herbal formula, and it has helped me so much 🙂

  4. lovely look nafisa… n hope to see you and aparajita healthy healthy soon… 🙂 🙂 we cannot afford our eye makeup experts to get ill… 😛

  5. Stunning Eotd …
    Pink wid purple awesome combination,
    Take care dear, eye area is quite sensitive use good tools and
    after makeup wash away them wid mild shampoo and do use
    anti bacterial wipes… Take care 🙂

  6. hope your eye infection is fine now NAfisa .. 🙂 ..loved the tute.. and ur eyes are soo pretty and expressive .. 🙂 … .. loved the colors and especially the gold liner 🙂 very pretty 🙂

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