Pixi Eye Beauty Kit No.3 – Magic

Pixi Eye Beauty Kit no.3 – Magic

Hiilovely ladies!!

I am going to be totally honest and admit, I got this palette only because of its name. My cousin was in Dubai when she told me about this. I heard the name and I told her I wanted it. She got me one too 😛
Pixi Eye Beauty Kit no.3  Magic


• Contains eight perfectly coordinated eye shades
• Easily creates daytime & spectacular looks
• Contains Aloe Vera Extract to relieve sensitive eye area
• Blended with Vitamin E for potent anti-aging & antioxidant properties
• Plus Titanium Dioxide to offer a built-in SPF factor
Comes with a mini version of duo eye brush – one end for lining & one for all-over shadow application
Pixi Eye Beauty Kit no.3  Magic2

Price: I gave around 1500 INR for this to my cousin.

My experience with Pixi Eye Beauty Kit no.3 – Magic :

when I got this, I was totally flattered by the way this looks. It is this really sleek packaging in white matt finish. They give you a two-sided brush with it one is supposed to be for lining and other is a basic eye shadow brush. When you open it, it has this blue tinted mirror which I have no clue why, I mean who looks at themselves in a blue mirror? Anyways, so this palette consists of 6 eye shadows and two concealers.

Pixi Eye Beauty Kit no.3  – Magic  (3)

I will have the pictures of the swatches so that you can see how they look. My skin tone is type 3.

Starting from the first row, left to right,

The first shadow is a really shimmery golden colour. The shimmers are fine and the texture is really smooth. Its really pigmented as you can see, this is all in a single swatch.

Second shadow is this dark-bronzy colour which I am totally in love with. Again the texture is superb and the pigmentation is great.

Third is this really grey shade, which almost looks like asphault on my skin when I apply it. I wore it yesterday for a party and it looked totally fab.
Pixi Eye Beauty Kit no.3  – Magic  (7)

Coming to the lower row of eyeshadows,
First is this cream coloured shadow with this coarse glitter particles in it. It is highly pigmented no doubt about that. But my problem is the fall out. The glitter particles are so coarse that they will be on your cheeks more than your lids! Still I feel if you want to go for a real dramatic look, you can work with this.

Second one here is my absolute favorite. It is this pure copper shade with absolutely gorgeous pigmentation and texture is so smooth and creamy. It has that metallic sheen to it which makes me go oh la la

The final one is this lovely dark magenta shade in a metallic finish, which I feel would be perfect with traditional outfits.

These eye shadows stay on me for a decent 7-8 hours and to be honest, I don’t usually wear make up for longer than that. There is absolutely no fall out except for the cream shade with coarse glitters. They claim to have TiO2 which is a sun protecting agent. I feel this palette is so much complete when you want to go for a metallic or smokey look. I have been using this for a month now and I must admit I reach for it more than usual. I have even used some shades just to highlight the corners of my eye. Judging by how much is left, I am guessing it would be hard for me to finish it off. 😛

Pixi Eye Beauty Kit no.3  – Magic  swatches (1)

About the concealers, I am not really a great fan of them. I find them quite thick and hard to apply on the delicate eye area. I mean they are kind of sticky and do not give me a pleasant experience. So I used them like twice may be and that’s it. I didn’t like the concealers at all.

Pros of Pixi Eye Beauty Kit no.3 – Magic :

1. Very cute sleek packaging
2. Six gorgeous shades perfect for creating a smokey eye look or give a metallic mood to your look.
3. Great for traditional parties
4. Amazing staying power with zero fall out except for one.
5. Has goodness of vit E, TiO2 etc.

Pixi Eye Beauty Kit no.3  – Magic  swatches (2)

Cons of Pixi Eye Beauty Kit no.3 – Magic :

1. The cream shade has really coarse glitters and they fall out a lot
2. The concealers are useless for me
3. Why is there a blue mirror?

Do I recommend Pixi Eye Beauty Kit no.3 – Magic ?
Yes of course!! This is totally the palette for a college girl like me!! Smokey eye, Drama, Metallic – what else can you ask from one cute palette 😛

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  1. Wooooow the shades are sooo lovely *drool* *happy dance* they look sooo good for any outfit *haan ji* *hifive* awesome pick yaaaa *drool* i wish i could get it too *happydance*

  2. the colors are so beautiful for everyday wear. :)) But really why the blue mirror? *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* sometimes companies do mad things to be different 😛

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