Playboy Cool Malibu Full Body Shower Gel and Shampoo Review

Playboy Cool Malibu Full Body Shower Gel And Shampoo Review

Dear ladies,

How’s everyone doing today? I am doing well. First of all, wishing all the gorgeous IMBBians a very happy belated holi, the official bathing day for all the Indians :P. The weather seems good here at Calcutta, with a session of drizzle then a wave of cool all over the city. Anyways, today I will tell you about playboy Cool Malibu shower gel and shampoo.


This shower gel/shampoo is designed for men, it’s specifically written. But when I saw the bottle and the content inside which made it appear blue , and it said “shower gel /shampoo” ,something I haven’t ever used before I was tempted to buy it. Plus the playboy bunny (I mean the logo: P) looks attractive to anyone, I guess. So I bought this one.

This comes in a cuboid bottle with rounded edges, and the surface is grainy matte.   The cap is a flip-open one. The whole body is actually colorless but appears cobalt blue with a tinge of aquamarine due to the color of the shower gel/shampoo inside and the cap is a black one. The bottle is really hard one which adds to it’s advantage, obviously.


This is the first playboy that I’m using. This particular range of shower gel/shampoos is available in 6 other variants, Sexy Hollywood, Hot Vegas, Spicy Miami, Fresh Ibiza, Swingin’ London, And , No Sleep New York.

The quality of the gel actually coincides with the name “cool Malibu”, because of its refreshing properties. You feel the cool just after applying it, it leaves you refreshed and enlivened. The fragrance is a light minty one, only when you try sniffing it hard; otherwise, it seems there’s no smell at all. I expected the smell would be strong one as it’s meant for the men, but well, I was mistaken, and I’m happy about it. The color is blue but the density of the color is less; it appears a lot lighter of a shade of blue when poured onto the palm or any surface. The consistency of the gel moderately thick, and a little runny.


My Experience with Playboy Cool Malibu Full Body Shower Gel and Shampoo:

I loved the look of the product. The shower gel is satisfactory with the minty cool but subtle scent. And most importantly, its super effective in cleansing out all the dirt from the body with just one single wash, and leaves you with a smooth and a soothing-and-refreshing feeling. It Fights body odor effectively and washes them off instantly wthout much scrubbing or patience. Just a complaint about the shower gel is that it lathers really less, so it sometimes happens that a lot of it is poured into the loofah so as to make it lather. Hence there remains a chance that it might get used up very fast.

But it lies in the remote right end of the good-bad continuum when the shampoo is being talked about. Let me describe, in a word, it’s horrendous. I just applied to a particular section of the hair, as I had been skeptical about how the shampoo claim would actually do justice to the product. It leaves the hair frizzed out, dry and unruly. It’s a big NO-NO when you are planning to apply it on your hair. Just DON’T. The bottle is hard one .But carrying it might be a problem related to seeping through the bottle, as it’s a flip-open cap, and a not a screw-lid.



250 INR for 250ml/8.4 fl.oz

Shelf Life:


Pros of Playboy Cool Malibu Full Body Shower Gel and Shampoo:

  • Looks good.
  • Affordable.
  • Good quantity.
  • Minty smell (thumbs up).
  • Refreshing, after wash.
  • Cleanses off dirt easily.
  • Fights body odor.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Available in 6 other variants


Cons of Playboy Cool Malibu Full Body Shower Gel and Shampoo:

  • Doesn’t lather.
  • Extremely bad as a shampoo.
  • Not travel-friendly.
  • Issues with availability

Would I repurchase /recommend it: Yes, I do totally recommend it to all of you. It could be used by men and women both. And yes I would repurchase it again.

Rating: 4/5 (-1 because of the negative aspects as a shampoo)

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