Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette Review

Hello ladies,

What better way to begin a week than spraying it with a little bit of scent! It would be a red bunny ears with a bow tied to it this time. Yes, I am talking about Playboy for Women. Today, I am going to review ‘Play It Rock’. Read to find out what this fragrance turned out to be like.

Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette Review1

Fragrance Description:
Top Notes: Blood Orange, Saffron, Candy Apple.
Middle Notes: African Orange Flower, Frangipani, Passion Flower.
Base Notes: Ebony Wood, Patchouli, Leather.

Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette Review

INR 695 for 75 ml

Shelf Life:
3 years

My Experience with Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette:

The scent of the spinning notes could have been aphrodisiacal had it strictly been an Eau de Parfum. Beginning with a mild, tender, fruity note, making a transition to floral that leaves you finally with a rich leather base note taking the spot is what ‘Play It Rock’ like when it is on the wheels. Now, speaking of leather, I personally do not like the smell of it. I mean, even a whiff of hardcore rich leather is tough to handle for me. But, to my surprise, this leather note is not as bad as you imagine. My point is that the scent of this leather is rich, good and mild. When I thought I would give it away to mom, the twist happened.

Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette Review3

This fragrance impressed me and a spray of it leaves me in sweet shock with a different feeling every time I wear it. Since it worked out for me. I decided to keep it. A mom knows when her child is addicted to a fragrance and she saw the twist coming. To sum it up, the fragrance is more on the woody side, although until now I am not thoroughly convinced that it strictly falls under fruity, floral or woody. Mostly, a thirty percentage of fruity and floral notes and the rest is taken away by the woody notes is how the fragrance notes balance themselves. Each time you wear it and even upon settling down, you can sniff a blend of either a fruity-woody fragrance, or a floral-woody scent, but only mild.

Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette Review4

Play It Rock can give you a different feeling each time you wear it. You can never really tell in the strict sense as we all know these EDTs are only mild, although it scores as a great scent. These ranges can be a miss for the price. Launched in 2011, this was one of the rarest of fragrances that made to my favorites although carrying woody notes it. The fragrance, by far, in my experience is the best from Playboy EDTs for Women. This rare, unique smelling scent leaves you pondering over the fragrance notes and I might repurchase this after all for the fragrance has left me wanting more of ‘Play it Rock’.

Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette Review5

I like woody notes more than musky ones as I find that they have a masculine edge although I have always felt that is highly unfair how men’s perfumes have stronger essence and so is the staying power. I love couple of them, although the list flows like a river starting with ‘Carolina Herrera VIP 212’ for men. 😛 Coming back to this red bunny, if you are wondering about the name this variant has got, yes it got me thinking as well as ‘play it rock’ sounds a bit weird for a fragrance. But, that it really does rock. A pleasant, daytime perfume, if you are looking out for a fresh yet a not too sweet scent. I recommend this variant of Playboy for Women EDT, if you are familiar with the staying power of their EDTs, although they never fail to leave a mild trail behind. The staying power is low, or should I say mild? I love this fragrance so that leaves me in a dilemma.

Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette Review1

But, in all honesty for the quantity and price, it could have been better. It is disappointing when you get to catch hold of a cute bunny eared perfume with a more than satisfying fragrance and a range that offers all kinds of scents for day wear, evening wear, for different seasons and occasions. Playboy can have a more fans in the fragrance world if they work on the staying power and the ‘bunny ears’ would be a hit if a little bit of sparkle is added to it with the current packaging ,although the new launches look promising with an interesting animal printed bottle that I would just buy exclusively for my dresser. The difference I see overall in the packaging as far the new launches go, along with ‘Play it Rock’ would be the only one to be carrying a single solid red color coded bunny nozzle cap and the new launches have black bunny ears with color coded bows like red, fuchsia pink, peach and gold.

Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette Review2

According to me, this fragrance does not strictly fall under any strict family of fruity, floral, oriental or woody and the puzzle behind this variant would serve to be its biggest advantage in my opinion. It carries a perfect blend of top, mid and base notes, just a right blend signed, sealed and delivered. No over the top fruity, floral or a woody smelling scent and sensitive noses can appreciate it. Also, if you repel tooth aching sweet scents, you would like this casual, timid, sweet fragrance. If you are looking for mild sporty cologne, this honey colored diluted scent can pleasantly surprise you with a blend that you cannot help liking the dry base notes as they unfold.

No strong smelling berries, orchids or an ebony wood. Like a little bit of sweet and spice that adds joy to life, a little bit of mystery in a fragrance adds adventure to the experience of sporting a scent. This red mythical bunny is definitely not a sensual fragrance, but definitely not a stereotypical boring one. This teen like, playful, casual and shy yet a sporty and feminine fragrance is best suited for college goers and young girls who are likely to embrace it more as it is cost friendly. If this entire range goes missing, it would be for the low staying power since at the end of the day buying this for any girl is an investment. With all that said, I look forward to exploring the body mists and lotions from these ranges, and the upcoming launches as well. Since I see my mom is jamming her evenings with ‘Play it Rock’, the deal is done and she is the currently the happy owner, so I might repurchase this one.

Pros of Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette:

• Cute, chic, color coded packaging
• Nozzle has been so far just fine and fit to use with the orifice spritzing the right amounts
• Travel friendly
• Not a sensual fragrance, but a casual one that’s apt for everyday wear and is perfect for summers
• Playboy EDTs range for women is apt for highly sensitive noses
• Apt for college goers
• Mild concentration of the perfume does not irritate the skin

Cons of Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette:

• Availability
• Very low staying power, even for an EDT

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette?
I might repurchase this for the scent. If you are looking out for a fresh yet a not too sweet EDT, I recommend this variant of Playboy for Women EDT. If you are familiar with their EDTs, you must be familiar with the low staying power.

It is not heavy metal, it is not a soft melody. ‘Play it Rock’ is a fusion. My final say is that they have a huge scope for improvement in terms of staying power.

• ‘Play it Lovely’, ‘Play it Spicy’, ‘Play it Sexy’ and ‘Play it Rock’ make great everyday EDTs
• Play it Rock can make a pleasant EDT for summers
• For casual, non-intimidating office wear, grab these EDTs and pair with soft floral perfumes like ‘Estee Lauder Pleasure Bloom’, ‘J.Del Pozo Halloween’

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6 thoughts on “Playboy Play It Rock Eau de Toilette Review

  1. I remember using Playboy deos when I was younger and that’s it about it. I love how cute the packaging is, but staying power is such a bummer. Would skip it.

  2. This is a lovely fragrance. I wish they would revise these ranges although you have many more interesting fragrances coming up and yes the staying power is not any better from the other variants. Still when I see them, I end up buying because it is always nice to catch up with an old parent product that has a new variant or maybe it is just an excuse to buy 😛

  3. Wow. I never knew that leather is also used as a notes in perfumes ! This is new to me. This sounds like my kind of fragrance cuz i don’t like overly sweet scents. Might give this a shot just for the bunny ears. And as usual. Your way of reviewing fragrances is impeccable. Great review hun !

    1. TY Hun and I shall try and keep them coming for good 🙂 My mom is enjoying the fragrance more than me. She wears more of it. seemed to really liked it and I could not refuse upon seeing her cute face 😀 If you are aware of the staying power of these EDT’s and if still can go opt for one of playboy’s I would say go for this one. You really like the casual sporty spirit that it gives…

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