Pretty Polka Dots Nail Art

This post was long due but my camera was not ok. I have done several looks in this single post, as you will see below. Thought its really great if you have nail art tools but if not that should not stop you from prettifying your nails. Unfortunately for this nail art I didn’t have a tooth pick for dots so I made a painting brush my dotting tool, I used the back of it to make dots. Sometime back I even used a rat tail comb’s back for making dots, I am telling you this so that you know that creativity has no bounds and you really don’t need anything fancy to start with nail art. All you need is a little patience. You don’t need to buy anything for this tutorial you must be having everything with you already, I’m sure. No need to buy nail art brushes or nail art pens not even dotting tools. Thing required:

  • 1 base coat
  • 3 different color nail paints, im using pink, yellow and blue
  • 1 top coat
  • 1 painting brush (this is what I used you can use whatever is available with you, toothpick, bobby pin, all pin etc)

Polka Dots Nail Art Step 1: Paint your nails with a base coat. Let it dry.

Polka Dots Nail Art Step 2: Now apply 2 coats of whatever color you like. I am using a rose pink kind of color as my base. Polka Dots Nail Art Step 3: Taking a contrasting color just paint the tips of your nail, like you would do in a French manicure. I did it without the nail tip guides but if you are not sure that you would be able to do it you can use the nail tip guides for help. I am using a yellow nail paint here you can use the color according to your base color. Polka Dots Nail Art If you want to keep it simple you can stop here, and you have your French manicure with a twist.

Step 4: Now using the back of the brush draw dots on the rest of your nail. With same color you used on your tips. Polka Dots Nail Art Even this is pretty good if you want to stop and do a little less hard work.

Step5: Now take your third nail paint color, I am using blue, draw dots above the earlier drawn dots in such a manner that the yellow dots peek a little behind the blue dots. Do it as randomly as possible, so that in some dots the yellow is more visible and some a little less. Polka Dota Nail Art I spaced the dots on my thumb a little to show you how it would look, since some people like their polkas to be a little spaced out.

Step 6: Now just give your prettified nails a top coat, so that your hard work lasts longer. Pretty Polka Dots Nail Art Some tips for nail art:

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  • Keep cleaning your toothpick or pin or brush tip  with a piece of paper every now and then so that the nail paint doesn’t dry on it and makes a little goopy kind of deposit there. The deposit leads to uneven dots.
  • Use paper and not cotton or tissue because the lint in both would get stuck to it.
  • Before the top coat make sure that the nail art has dried completely.
  • When you do nail art don’t apply the top coat like you usually do, as in don’t drag the brush on your nails as this mixes the colors to create a mess out of your hard work. What you should do is dip your brush in the paint and then just dab it over your nails, as the top coats are quiet runny they form a smooth layer themselves so you don’t have to worry about the uneven application.
  • I have noticed that the best and most symmetrical dots are made with a toothpick.
  • If you are the hasty types who can’t sit still for 5 minutes then do invest a quick drying top coat. I haven’t used any so can’t suggest you one.

I hope you liked the tutorial. If anyone of you tries to recreate this please do send in the pics, we would be glad to see them. Any queries and questions are always welcome 🙂

P.S. – I so wanted to tell you guys where I got the inspiration for this nail art but I really don’t want you people to die laughing. :rotfl:

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30 thoughts on “Pretty Polka Dots Nail Art

        1. Of course, barring a few the whole IMBB gang must have guessed. I need to force Lydia and Renuca to be more regular here. :rotfl: :rotfl:

  1. Hi Priyanka, nice and I must say u have a lot of patience :)… pls do tell of ur inspiration..u will be doing a service to the hassled moms like me who need a good laugh 😀 , and i promise not too laugh too loudly :silly:

    1. Thank You Renuca.. actually the inspiration is a baby pink bra with yellow polka dots that i have.. haha go on laugh as loudly as you want baby..!!

      1. this is hilarious !!

        @ Rati : I know I’m really behind but will try to catch up during the weekend 🙂 Yaar aap logon ko time kaise milta hai ?????????

    1. I just declared my inspiration Radhika.. yes it is a Bra….!!!! and i hope im not going to get another round of leg pulling session..!!!

  2. OMG…

    Priyanka… :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Is it really so?? Cant stop laughing…hehe

    But cute effort..I was reminded of polymer clay mushrooms..

  3. Priyanka…thats some lovely nail art….and thanks for sharing ur inspiration…it has give me my dose for today’s laughter

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  4. :rotfl: Priyanka, its good to see you get your inspiration from the ‘upliftment of the downtrodden’ too! :silly: And now everytime I see ur name I will see a girl in pink lipgloss and baby pink and polka dotted bra 😀
    Rati, ever since Ive discovered your blog I have been very regular…(see even when I have guests at home Im logging on for my daily dose of IM&B)

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