28 thoughts on “Poll: Do you use a separate night cream?

  1. Yes, I use separate night cream. Current fave is lotus nutrinite.
    Any better options for sensitive acne prone skin? *cry*

  2. Yes yes yess !! *happy dance* I use the Vichy Normaderm range !! They are amazing!!! *happydance* *happy dance*

  3. Yes definitely.. Night creams are a must for me.. *woot* i use the Vichy normaderm night cream and my oily face doesn’t seem to accept anything else in the night *hihi*

  4. Yes, I use Kaya’s overnight replenish night cream
    Planning to buy Aroma magic Vitamin-E cream after this finishes.

  5. i use vitamin c serum 🙂 found a post here n i really like my skin in the morning.. soo soft with a hint of glow… *pompom*
    should i try something else or is it sufficient? *scared*

  6. I am facing some pigmentation issues..so using nuetrogena serums and then fab india vit e de-pigmentation cream…

  7. I use Lotus Herbals Nutranite night cream and am happy about the results..by morning my skin is soft and supple…

    Can someone suggest me a good day cream/moisturizer please

  8. Yes I do use a separate one for night, except for winters I use serums at night and for winters a night cream. currently am using Olay serum !

  9. I dont use any night cream bcoz the simple clinique ddmg usage at night pops out a new pimple next mrng..can someone suggest one for oily/acne prone skin? Please

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