Poll: Do you use face primers?

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18 thoughts on “Poll: Do you use face primers?

  1. i really want to try primers out..especially eyeprimer..but sadly none are available here..boooo…so no never…. 😥 😥 😥 😥

  2. Nopes but I am planning to. I went to the mall to get one today (got maybelline colossal volume mascara- AMAZING). They only had UV whitestay base. I didnt know if it was any good. Should I buy it? I have reads lots about another maybelline primer though (pore zero base?). I am also thinking about buying oriflame face primer (about Rs.300) What should I do?

      1. Urmi @ I am using the Oriflame Primer & its nice… I have combination skin (Oily & Dry) it is working fine for me. The cost is very economical for some wanting to try primers. I use a lot of Oriflame products & have not been disappointed with them so far 🙂

  3. Yes I do. I use the mac prep and prime and it really makes a difference.
    I can be out the whole night and makeup stays put. Also it has a lovely sheen to it, so skin looks beautifully moisturised. Worth the splurge!

      1. Its called mac prep+prime and its got tiny glittery particles in it whine give you radiance through your foundation. It doesn’t say spf 50 on the cover. Maybe I’ll do a review on this and my mac concealerr and foundation. I don’t think its done yet?

  4. Make up and vizag have nothing in common 😐 !I have virtually no options for shopping other than ahem Lakme and Revlon and primers the SA never heard of it!!!!I need to open a beauty store in vizag ….volunteers ahoy 😛

  5. hi astha….u really think mac prep plus prime is worth the splurge….i m thinking of buying it…..hw about strobe liquid frm mac..can it be a sustitute fr prep plus prime..?and any suggestions abt lip erase and eye erase..?

    1. Strobe liquid will give your skin a lovely dewy glow 🙂 it isn’t a primer though – a few drops can be mixed in your foundation/moisturiser/tinted moisturiser for a natural glow! :))

    2. Hey,
      I love the mac prep+prime which i usually use under my foundation and concealer and it helps to stop creasing. The strobe, i’ve been thinking of getting myself. I believe it gives you light coverage and can be used as a tinted moisturiser also. I suggest try the strobe for a lighter day look.

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