Pond’s Dreamflower Skin Brightening Talc Review

Review on Pond’s Dreamflower Skin Brightening Talc

Hello gals,

A talc plays an important role in one’s grooming and keeping. I recently bought this Pond’s Dreamflower Skin Brightening Talc. My mom has been using this for a decade now but I never thought of trying it. She discontinued using it. The day I smelled this I wanted it. So I finally picked it up from a local grocery store. I picked the smallest pack available because I knew I am not going to use it on daily basis as I am more of a deodorant and perfume person than talc.


Price – Rs 36 for 100 grams
Shelf life – 2 years

Ingredients of Pond’s Dreamflower Skin Brightening Talc:-

My take on Pond’s Dreamflower Skin Brightening Talc:-

This is a cute pink and white colored bottle with a cap that has a convenient shutter like opening and closing (see picture).


The texture is very fine and it has a mesmerizing smell of flowers (don’t know exactly which flower it smells of). The packaging also claims to have a skin brightening effect and it is with vitamins and sunscreens.

The holes dispense enough quantity of the talc. See the swatch of the talc in the below picture:-


After rubbing completely it on my hands, my hands were like this:-


You can see there is a slightly brightening effect was there which I feel was may be due to the white cast it leaves.

When I used it on my hands and chest straight without moisturizing them before, it left some white particles which were not absorbed in the skin after the mild rubbing. I think this can be rectified if moisturisation of the skin is done beforehand. Moisturisation beforehand is a must for this talc if you have dry skin.

Talking about its staying power, the fragrance stayed for some time and gradually vanished after two hours or something. The skin was still soft and smooth after three hours of using it.

Overall this is okay types talc which can be used daily after bath morning and evening without being a burden on pocket. Its fragrance is its plus point which out do its cons.

Pros of Pond’s Dream flower Skin Brightening Talc:-
1. Mesmerizing feminine fragrance of flowers.
2. Convenient and cute packaging
3. Fragrance stayed for a good time
4. Added vitamins and sunscreens
5. Inexpensive
6. Easily available
7. Made skin soft and smooth
8. Controlled sweat a little bit

Cons of Pond’s Dream flower Skin Brightening Talc:-
1. The fragrance stayed for like one or two hour. I wanted more staying power
2. Leaves a whitish cast.
3. No cooling sensation is there.
4. Skin needs to be properly moisturized before using this.
5. No details available in respect of vitamins and SPF of sunscreens present in it.
6. Not many variants to choose from
7. The shutter on the cap is not that tight enough to make it travel friendly.

Final verdict:-
This is good daily use talc which can be used after bath morning and evening. It has a very likeable fragrance of flowers and is not priced heavily. Though I may not use it outsides in summers because I prefer antiperspirants than talc but I would love to use it in winters when I just need a perfumed persona. But for dry skin people like me moisturisation beforehand is a must otherwise it will leave a noticeable white cast on the skin.

Will I repurchase this:-
Probably not!! Still if someday I purchase this, I’ll just purchase it for its unique flowery fragrance. I will otherwise look for other better alternatives even though they are expensive than this one.

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9 thoughts on “Pond’s Dreamflower Skin Brightening Talc Review

  1. felt the same way with this one. it will be wonderful the day they bring non-clogging powder from this range and preferably without the “white” cast. good review!

  2. So nice review Rupam, :thumbsup: but thing is that me have used it a lot, and I find the fragrance of this particular talc quite suffocating since I was a child :(( I like the other two a lot, the purple one and orange one me really love, but my mom loves this !!

  3. Nice review Rupam! I like this one too. Smells pretty okay, but I like the purple one better.
    And the white cast doesn’t really matter to me, because I use it under my clothes and not anywhere visible! :toothygrin:

    1. same here….white cast does not mtter as it is not visible. I too am not a talc person but I have always liked the fragrance of this!

  4. I have this in the big big packaging :woot: … using it these days.. its a normal talc but i like its fragrance so like it.. :yes: :yes:

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