Pond’s Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream Review

Skin type: dry skin


My skin absolutely loves gold: be it a gold facial, gold bleach, moisturiser, or any other skin care product that has gold. While I was shopping for some beauty products at a cosmetic store, this cream caught my eye as it’s a gold radiance cream. Let’s see if this cream was a yay or a nay for me.

Pond's Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream Review

Price: INR 999 for 50g
Product Description:
Enhance your natural dazzle with Pond’s Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream. This luxurious cream is enriched with real gold serum concentrate to give you a lovely, long lasting glow. The cream is readily absorbed by your skin and does not leave any oily residual on your skin as it penetrates deep within. The Pond’s Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream is designed to reduce dark spots, give you even toned skin and also lighten your complexion to make it look clear. Its active ingredients like Vitamin B3 and CLA accelerate the rate of cell regeneration to reveal younger looking skin. Keep your skin young and supple with Pond’s Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream.
⦁ Especially designed for dry skin for a luminous appeal.
⦁ Reveals the skin’s youthful radiance.
⦁ Repairs skin aging.
Directions to Use:
Take a small amount from the jar & gently dab all over the face. Massage in circular motions till the cream is fully absorbed.

Pond's Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream Ingredients

My Experience With Pond’s Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream:

I have normal to dry skin and I am in my early twenties. Although this cream is meant for dry skin and claims to repair the signs of aging, I still bought this to try if it gives that golden radiance, which I absolutely love, to the skin. Also, it’s not a bad idea to start using anti-ageing products a little earlier. It claims to enhance the blood flow and aids the repair of damaging tissues. What I’ve noticed is that the consistency of the cream is quite thick, creamy and non-sticky. The texture also is quite good and blends well. The colour of the cream is the lightest shade of gold and it has a hint of golden shimmer in it as well. The shimmer in the cream is very light, is pretty much visible to the eyes and looks absolutely gorgeous after the application. I don’t find any appealing fragrance in it. The fragrance in the cream is just too mild.

Pond's Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream Packaging

The good quality outer cover of the product provides complete support to the cream, which comes in a heavy glass jar. I personally prefer tube packaging to jar packaging for hygiene reasons. Also, I find the shape of the jar a little weird; I personally don’t like its shape and many skin care products from this range come packaged in the similar jar. But what’s good about this cream is that it comes with a plastic spatula that helps in scooping out a little cream from the jar container. So it kind of helps in maintaining the cream’s hygiene as you won’t have to dip your fingers into the jar again and again. I don’t like the container much as sometimes I have to twist the cap twice or thrice in order to fix it properly. A simple jar packaging would have worked better.

Pond's Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream

I very much like the quality and the results of this cream. I feel the name ‘ultra rich’ is so apt for it’s a lovable light golden color with shimmer; the fine quality and thick consistency of the cream add to the name. I could notice an instant glow on my face with just one application. It blends wells, makes the skin smooth and moisturizes and hydrates skin so well with just one application. It instantly brightens the complexion, and the shimmer in it adds a loveable glow. After seeing the instant results, I decided to use this to moisturize my skin before applying my foundation once and, believe me, the final finish of my base makeup was awesome. I don’t really have any dark spots on my skin so I can’t tell how this would work on curing them, but I can make out that my skin is getting more radiant and glowy with each application. Overall it’s an amazing cream that does give a luminous appeal and almost lives up to its claims.

Pond's Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream Swatch

Moving on to its pros and cons:

Pros of Pond’s Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream:

⦁ Blends well
⦁ Non-sticky
⦁ Rich consistency
⦁ Hydrates the skin
⦁ Makes skin smoother
⦁ Moisturizes the skin
⦁ Instantly brightens the skin
Instantly lightens the complexion
⦁ Evens out the skin tone
⦁ Beautiful light gold shimmer
⦁ Adds an instant glow to the skin
⦁ Skin looks instantly radiant
⦁ Doesn’t irritate the skin
⦁ Spatula to scoop the cream

Cons of Pond’s Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream:

⦁ Jar packaging
⦁ Cap doesn’t lock easily

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Pond’s Gold Radiance Ultra Rich Day Cream?
Yes, definitely. I am going to repurchase this as the effects are instant, and I do recommend this cream.

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