Pond’s Oil Control Talc Review

Pond’s Oil Control Talc Review

Ponds Oil Control Talc – Orange Peel Extract & Sun Protection TPI-60

I always choose powders for their fragrance. And I don’t use them on my face anyway, so it doesn’t matter whether it helps with oil control or not. I bought this because it smelled very orangey at the store, almost like some sort of orange candy. :happydance:

Pond's Oil Control Talc Orange Peel Extract Sun Protection TPI 60

Now that it is the monsoons, it is much cooler than usual, and I don’t sweat much. So, a week ago, I decided to use only the powder on my underarms, because I was in a super-hurry. I just smooshed it on there and went out for about five hours.

Believe it or not, I didn’t smell at all when I got back home! Also, my underarms smelled great even after going out for that long. That’s right, this works like a deodorant!!!

Second Pic

I was as surprised as you are. Who would have thought that an ordinary powder would act so well?! Of course it probably won’t work in the summer months, because you will sweat a lot more in the summer. And this may not work on everybody; it will differ from person to person. Also, you need to actually cake it on there, and not just a light dusting, if you want it to act as a deodorant.
If you do smell a lot without deo, this may not work for you as a deo.
However, it did make my facial skin very dry when I tried it out to see if it really lives up to its claim. I use it as a body talc, but it doesn’t really dry out my body. I don’t know how this works, really! :/

And even if you do try this but it doesn’t work for you, it isn’t a huge loss, as it is inexpensive. :haanji:


Ordinary turning cap. It used to get stuck initially, but now it works perfect. If I remember correct, it also had some kind of locking mechanism when I initially bought it, to ensure you do not buy any contaminated product. The below picture shows a top view of the cap.

Third Pic

Talc (hydrated magnesium silicate), calcium carbonate, silica, tridecyl salicylate, fragrance (contains orange peel extract), zinc oxide, polyacrylate, polyalcohol copolymer, niacinamide (vitamin B3), phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, salicylic acid, octyl salicylate, dipropylene glycol, ascorbic acid, Q77492, Q77491

Shelf Life:
2 years

Rs. 39 for 100 gm.

Fourth Pic

Usage Instructions on the Bottle:
Use every day, before going out in the sun to keep your natural glow intact

Pretty regular. It doesn’t have any big particles to scratch skin, but is not annoyingly fine either.

The first picture shows it in my palm.

Fifth Pic

The second picture shows it spread about in my palm.

Sixth Pic

• Easy cap (turns to reveal the openings).
• Smells wonderful!
• Good consistency (will not leave minor scratches on skin, yet not as fine as cornflour).
• Works as a deo for me in the cooler months, very well!
• Tiny bottle can be carried around.
• Inexpensive.
• Lives up to its claims of oil control.

• Turning cap used to get stuck initially (but not anymore)
• Unless you use a very thin layer on your face, this will leave a whitish cast
• Contains four kinds of parabens :((
This is a pretty good talc. Also good for using as a powder base for makeup (eg. On oily lids etc.) Lovely if you like orange scented products! :toothygrin:

It also claims sun protection, but as I am in no way any kind of expert on the matter, I have resisted touching upon that aspect.

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24 thoughts on “Pond’s Oil Control Talc Review

  1. wanna try it next..ive been using yardley as long as i can remember…now parabens in talc is that a prob??? i mean its powder …doesnt get absorbed right….pls correct me if im wrong

    1. There is really no need to be paranoid about talc. Most of the scare articles you read about the health dangers of talc are very misleading since they confuse talc with asbestos. Pure talc used in cosmetics is monitored to ensure it is free of harmful asbestos fibres.
      Talc is non-toxic and completely inert. It is insoluble in water, acids or alkalis which means it can be safely ingested. In fact it is a common ingredient of chewing gum and is found as an additive in tablets.
      As for parabens, there is a lot of controversy surrounding their use in cosmetics but very little conclusive evidence that they are harmful in the last 70 years that they have been commonly used. Many so-called ‘organic’ products claim to be better because they are free of talc or parabens but the jury is still out on whether these products are really better or safer.
      It might be wiser to concentrate on minimising real health risks that on can influence directly, such as avoiding poor life style choices (poor diet, insufficient exercise, bad habits (tobacco, alcohol) as these are far more likely to kill you than using eye shadow. I certainly have never heard of any case of persons suffering serious ill health because of the eye shadow they use.

      SOURCE: Volker Stadtmüller – Y!A

  2. oil control talc…definitely wanna try out… & smell of oranges makes me go :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: nice article Samantha :waytogo: :waytogo:

  3. I have this and I looove it soo much!! :yahoo:
    I actually use it in the morning and when I come back from school (6 hrs) I still smell the orangey scent through all the sweat and dirt.
    But I must admit,it sort of dries my skin so I just use it for my underarms.
    All in all, a sperb product! :love:

    1. Yeah :))
      I guess even though it sucks that it dries your skin, atleast it claims the truth :haanji:
      I agree, it is a superb product! :makeup:

  4. thanks samantha…usually presence of chems like parabens , sls are considered cons..so i wondered..fear is gone now!!!…thanks a lot..:) :thanks:

    1. There is no single globally accepted stance 🙂
      Even things the world finds good now can be proved bad in later studies, and vice-versa.

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