Pond’s Silk Cream Review

Pond’s Silk Cream

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A very Happy Diwali to all!! I wish this Diwali brings a lot of light of happiness and joy in all your life. Now coming to today’s product review, it is of Pond’s newly launched silk cream. I am sure almost all of us would have used pond’s atleast once in their lifetime. My parents still use it. It is the most trusted brand when it comes to face cream and most of all its famous tagline “Googlywooglywoosh”. Let us see whether this cream does the same job or not.
Pons's Silk Cream

Product Info:

• Light non greasy formula
• Nourishing 24hr moisture lock
• Contains silk extract
• Experience the latest nourishing treat from Pond’s! 24 hrmoisturization + goodness of silk in a luxuriously light cream that moisturizes from deep within and gives you soft and smooth skin like never before
Pons's Silk Cream3

INR 40 for 30 ml and INR 80 for 55 ml

My Experience with Pond’s Silk Cream :

I bought this cream because of two reasons, first the brand value and second I thought this to be similar to Dove Silk cream (I love that cream). To start with the packing, the cream comes in the standard Pond’s packing with a slight difference in the color combination. I love the cute little jars in which the cream comes. This cream comes in three different sizes, so one can buy as per their requirement and convenience. I have bought the travel pack and it is so compact and easy to carry around.

Pons's Silk Cream4

The cream is of milky white in color and has thick, rich and smooth texture. The consistency is really nice and feels like silk on the skin. It is reallllyyyy soft to touch. It gets easily absorbed in a whiff. Only a pea sized amount is enough to cover the whole face. It is very moisturising and hydrates skin very well. My skin does not become slippery after applying it and becomes really soft. With gradual usage you will notice that your cheeks have become really baby soft. It smells really nice and nothing like normal Pond’s cream.

People with normal or combination skin may find it perfect as a day cream whereas dry skinned beauties can use it as an overnight cream also. I prefer to use different cream for night. It works as a good makeup base but only with water based makeup. Oil based makeup can make the skin really oily with this applied underneath.
cold cream
Overall I really like this cream, and I carry it around everywhere with me, especially to moisturise elbows. I think it is a great and cheap alternative of Dove Silk cream.

Pros of Pond’s Silk Cream

• Cute packaging
• Trusted brand
• Comes in three sizes
• Rich and smooth texture
• Thick consistency
• Spreads like dream
• Feels very soft on skin
• Very moisturising both for dry skin and normal skin
• Perfect as a day cream
• Gets absorbed easily
• Affordable
• Easily available
Pond’s Silk Cream (5)

Cons of Pond’s Silk Cream

• Contains a lot of chemicals
• Oily skinned beauties may find it oily

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    1. *thankyou* Sumera…I would not suggest it to be used as a face cream if you have oily skin…but you can use it on other parts of the body…. 🙂

  1. Nice one … *happy dance* i saw this online but did not pick it up as coz of oily skin *headbang* but as you said would work great for other parts *pompom*

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