Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Spotless Lightening Cream Review

Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Spotless Lightening Cream Review

Hello Girls!

Today, I thought of reviewing a product which will be of great help for oily-combination skinned beauties. The dry-skinned ones like me can even give it a try in the coming summer months. As you all know by now that although my skin is problem-free, it is a tad dry. My all-time favourite moisturizers are Johnson’s baby cream by the day and Boroline at night!! But come summers, I need lighter moisturising for the face during the day. I spotted this one at the retail counter and although I never apply anything that has “skin lightening claims,” I could not contain my curiosity this time. Read on to find more! Oily skin beauties, HIGH ALERT! 😉



Rs. 75 for 25 gm.

Product Description:

Product Description



My Experience with Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Spotless Lightening Cream:

The crème comes in a normal tub packaging.  The texture of the crème is more like a souffle. With a faint floral fragrance, the cream will be a hit among girls who do not like strong-smelling creams. The cream is so light that it instantly blends into the skin without leaving any oily residue behind. I felt that the mositurization could have been a bit more, but that’s really okay as oily-skinned girls would find it pretty good. Even I felt that the light texture of the cream made my face look fresher. As for the lightening and spot removal claim, I cannot comment on that as I do not have any spots, but I do tan a lot during summers and if this cream helps me avoid it, then this is going to be my HG day cream.  Also, there is no mention of SPF factor anywhere, but they do claim a “multiple range UV protection.” Overall, I am quite satisfied with the product. At this price, this is a decent product.

Lightening Cream

Pros of Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Spotless Lightening Cream:

  • Quite affordable.
  • Availability won’t be an issue.
  • Light texture.
  • No strong fragrance.
  • Has UV protective factor.

Lightening fAce Cream

Cons of Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Spotless Lightening Cream:

  • Dry skinned girls may find it a bit less moisturizing.
  • Other than this, I could not find anything else.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Spotless Lightening Cream?

I just might if I don’t find anything better for summers.

Do I Recommend Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Spotless Lightening Cream?

A definite yes to oily skin ladies and a yes to dry skin ones for the sweltering summery mornings.

See you in the next post ladies 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Spotless Lightening Cream Review

  1. Apart from moisturization, it did nothing for my skin.. 🙁
    i love Olay moisturizing lotion 🙂 which is better than this one

  2. I have dry skin & Ac environment makes it more dry so its not for me though I like the light weight textures cremes & this one is looking beautiful 🙂

  3. I have the pink white beauty one – while I love the face wash – the cream is too heavy , flakes off ,and makes me break out 🙁 Never tried this green one though..

  4. good review aparajita. The cream looks sooo pretty. I feel like dipping my finger the tub and scooping some of it out. 😛 Try pond’s moisturizing cream.. the regular one. have used it for so many years. Never had the moisturizng issue with it. used to find it a bit heavy but you can always use it in small quantity. 🙂

    1. thanks Rati! 🙂 yup, the texture of the cream makes it look really pretty 🙂 btw, which is the one u r talking about? the white and pink white beauty wala kya?

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